In lieu of IM (beause it’s late) or email (because that tab is closed):

For Jason’s advance (from last episode, pending being back in my own body), I’ve chose to Rearrange Labels and +1 one:

Freak 0
Danger 1
Savior 3
Superior 1 -> -2 -> -1
Mundane -2 -> 1

Jason is, at the moment, feeling much more … level-headed and in control. It’s weird, even perverse, given the changes, but having both witnessed some mind-expanding stuff, plus having seen “his” team really kick ass even under difficult circumstances … has really given him a boost of confidence, and broken a bit the pattern of self-obsessed recursive angst.

Also, he didn’t pursue Alycia this session, so DOOM. On the flip side, that’s 5 advances, which means I have access to the second tier, which means I can (next advance) Confront My Doom per the sort of stuff we’ve been discussing, Doyce (perhaps not immediately upon taking it, just because the timing should be driven by the story, not the other way around).

author: *** Dave H.

Sounds good!

author: Doyce T.