Dave's Muscle Concept

The PDF I bought says it increases effect if it’s fine equipment, but not that it gives bonus dice. Can you reduce effect for dice?

Nope, looks like I was wrong and referencing an older version of the game. The issues you run into when you’ve been following a game since pre-production. :man_shrugging:

Huh. So… because it’s “fine” I get increased effect, and because it’s a “friend” I get +1d? That might make Monster more likely to use it. (Or does the +1d only come up if I’ve made it my Bestest Friend from the list?)

I’ll have to double check when I get home, but I believe it just counts as Assistance (for the bonus die) when an NPC helps you with something. Having someone as your closest friend just means they are more willing to put up with your shit.

Edit: Well, I might not know this game as well as I thought I did. This was the only instance I could find of friends and contacts adding dice.

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“I’m spending my downtime engaging in stickups and armed robbery. I get +1d for having my blaster along.” “… Okay, that sounds legit.”

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