Miguel Murphy, the Guardian Ghost

Here’s a Legacy character I’m making for an online game. He’s a fourth generation knockoff of The Shadow, with Darkforce Dimension type powers.


He’s also a theater kid for reasons given in the linked fiction. I’m interested in any comments or background tips that would improve him.

I’ll take an in-depth look at the character later tonight for commentary, but what I saw with a quick glance looks promising for an interesting character dynamic with their legacy.

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Read through the basic writeup. I like. I want to run him myself.

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I like it. I especially like that Great Grandpa Ghost is still around to rattle the family’s dynamic as needed.

My only note would be this: since the title hereditary, I could see Papa Murphy having played Miguel’s role to Grandpa Jesse in his teens too (and hell, possibly Grandpa Jesse to Great Grandpa Ghost). Does that mean that there is a sidekick Robin role in the legacy or does everyone just see Miguel as Guardian Ghost IV?

Mostly I ask because if both Miguel and Papa Murphy are in the scene in costume, are we going to get the “hey Guardian Ghost” and both turn their heads trope (an enjoyable trope for me), or would they be like “hey Guardian Ghost and Kid Ghost, come here”?

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Yeah, this is the thing I need to figure out about their relationship. I thought about doing a Phantom style thing where the figure is considered legendary despite being a family succession, but only Wolverine can hang out on three teams at once (one being a group of teens) and get away with it.

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