Scheduling Snafus

Reminder (as much for myself as others) but the next game is Thursday, February 16th. And hopefully nothing crops up in my schedule to threaten that. February looks pretty clear but there may be some issues in March-April.

As we mentioned last night, we are dark the next two games: 1/26 and 2/2.

While I don’t have an exact date yet, I will be out travelling for work to Bellingham, WA for a week somewhere between March and April. Since the the time zone issue isn’t terribly egregious, I may still be able to game during that time, but it’s going to be highly dependent on my schedule out there and the quality of my hotel’s internet connection.


Surprised this post managed to fall off the front page.

In two weeks I have work stuff on Thursday evening (Thursday the 22nd) so I will not be around for the game that night.


Thursday the 22nd is still out for me (no surprise) but also now July 20th (4 weeks from now). Apologies for the spotty schedule, but work travel is likely going to be a reoccurring thing for me in the back half of the year (every other month, most likely).

As I believe I’ve mentioned before, I’m going to be out of town on 2023-10-12T06:00:00Z in St. Louis and unable to run the game that week.

Additionally, it tentatively looks like I’ll be travelling the week of 2023-11-06T07:00:00Z2023-11-11T07:00:00Z and won’t be available that Thursday either, but I’ll know more as we get closer to that day.

Ample notice I know, but no game on 2024-03-28T06:00:00Z. I’m going to be in Iceland and I don’t look forward running a game on James time.

Likely return to our normal schedule the following week on 2024-04-04T06:00:00Z, but we’ll see if I have any post-travel funk ahead of time.



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Howdy, folks.
Can’t remember if I brought this up last week during the game but I am going to be working overnights the week of July 22nd, meaning I won’t be able to run a game on the 25th. This means we’ve got three more sessions until the end of the Megalos game when James leaves in early August. More details in the Ep 26 thread.