That really cool jet [Background]

One of Dr Byron Quill’s most noteworthy inventions, the Dragonfly SST served for years (with continuous tinkering) as transport, workplace, and home away from home for Quill and his family of adventurers. Capable of supersonic speeds and even suborbital ballistic flight, as well as VTOL, no location around the world was too far or inhospitable to visit.

The Dragonfly is currently in cold storage at the Foundation hanger outside of Halcyon City.

There’s a model of the Dragonfly in Byron Quill’s home office at the Foundation in Halcyon City. It’s not a room that Jason goes into all that often. There are probably shots of the Dragonfly in the background in some electronic photos around the family quarters, but nothing that would really stand out.

author: *** Dave H.