In lieu of a scheduling snafu thread I’ll post this - who’s up for tomorrow evening? I haven’t read half of what I need to but I’m down if most can make it.

I’m down. I was planning a board game tomorrow afternoon, but if we can’t finish up in four hours… well, I have other problems.

I’m available and will be there.

@Margie and I are in. @fragolakat will be eyeball-deep in finals studying, but I’ve shot him some notes on character ideas, and I hope to hear back from him; he understands why we want to tee things up for the next few weeks.

Sounds good. And hopefully, he’ll be able to take advantage of the effect you noted, where a character concept can be represented by a number of different Play Books; if he has something he wants to do, it should be no problem figuring out a way to do it.

(Also, not for nothing, I don’t believe s&v has the same “you can only have one of each Playbook in play” rule as pbta.)

Yeah, I believe it explicitly notes you could have an entire crew of [any given playbook]s which, given themes and variations (and esp. once those Veteran moves start coming in), could all be wildly different in play.

Not surprised. Originally, BitD didn’t have different playbooks (it started as a Worlds of Dungeons hack). Only when people complained about not having archetypes did they add them in.

I’m also down for if James just wants to call dibs on a particular playbook and then we can all choose based around that.

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I will ping him a bit pre-meet to see if he has any specific thoughts. Or even vague ones.