29.7 - Tattle Tales [Cutscene]



Like, a full blow-by-blow, or just a summary?

A summary should be fine. I’ll note any points I want expanded.

Okay. So I was able to observe the subject during the assembly, then in 2nd and 5th Period. Oh, and lunch.

And she showed no suspicion of your repeated appearance?

Well, it’s not even that big of a school, even with the Southies here.

Correct. Go on.

Well, I’m not in her other classes. Are there, like, other people you have watching –

Need to know, agent. Continue.

Well, not a lot to tell. She’s real quiet, but she pays attention. One point in History the teacher asked her a question out of the blue, and she nailed it. Or, at least, she answered right away.

It was an incorrect answer?

Well, the teacher didn’t like it. She was all going on about hegemony and “betrayal of Enlightenment ideals.”

Yes, of course she was.

But she was right on it, even if it was weird.

Right. Interactions with others?

Well, I mean, she was polite enough when you talked with her and everything. And she has a wicked sense of humor.

You spoke with her?

Well, we ended up sitting next to each other, and it would have been kind of weird not to.

No, quite right, I trust your instincts. Continue.

Well, not much else to say. She didn’t kill anyone, the school didn’t get blown up, she didn’t filch any utensils from the cafeteria.

The term is still young.

Oh, wait, there was one thing.


She did something to the sign.

The sign? What sign?

Well, it was just a little thing, but kind of funny. There’s this sign, kinda near the auditorium, that points to where the different classroom blocks are. I saw her hanging out near it between periods, and when I passed by it later, it was different.

In what way?

The arrows had been switched. Like, the arrow to the WB block was pointing to the EB block, and the arrow to the –

That was all, just some arrows switched?

Well some noobs are gonna be confused by it, so yeah, no blood on the ground, but kind of a dick move.

And you’re sure she’s the one who did it.

I didn’t see her, if that’s what you mean, but she was around, and it happened, and those signs aren’t supposed to be accessible to the students, because someone’s gonna change them, like she did. So I don’t know she did it, and I don’t know how, but she did.

Did you see her after?


Any signs of guilt or furtiveness?

No, anything but. That would have been 5th, XP Physics, and she looked happy as a lark. Even helped some people in her table group with a problem they were having problems with. Which is good, because that class is in-sane. Ms. GYRO.

Interesting. Are you going to have trouble there? We didn’t have a good fit for that class.

No, I’m good. Got an edge.

Did she socialize during lunch?

No. I almost lost her, and I was looking. She actually didn’t sit at a table, kind of off to the side. There’s this niche, over by the doors to the kitchen, I never even noticed it before, but she was there.

What was she doing?

Eating her lunch, and lurking. Watching people.

Anyone in particular?

Well, kinda everybody? But I saw her looking at Jason Quill a few times, as expected. He was all hanging out with Snow and a couple of the others. But it wasn’t just him, she was kind of watching everyone.

How was her appetite?

I didn’t really notice. I think she got the fish fingers. That’s gotta be a come-down.


I mean, isn’t she used to caviar and all that stuff?

You weren’t part of the clean-up squad on her flat. Fish fingers are right in line with her take-away and microwave cuisine.

Huh. Well, that’s about it.

Excellent. Continue with written reports, standard protocols. I’m particularly interested in any social contacts she makes, any exchanges of information, any time she spends in the labs or shops there, any times she’s not under observation by others.

So when she’s alone and when she’s not alone.

Well – put that way, yes.

Got it.

And don’t get caught. I don’t want want her spooked, not without some purpose in doing so.

Got it.

I’d just as soon not give her a reason to kill you.

Yyyeah, definitely got it.

Carry on.


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