35.5 - Called on the Carpet [Background] [Cutscene]

“Sir, you authorized the visit -”

“I didn’t authorize breaking Rossum out of solitary, or hospitalizing sixteen agents.”

“Compromised agents.”

“You didn’t know that at the time.”

We didn’t know that at the time. Link did. The fact we needed a full psyche eval to catch up to what the kid put together is not his fault.”

“If we needed that, then how is it you were backing him up without evidence?”

“I had evidence, sir - I had the kid’s analysis.”

“And you trusted that?”

“Last I checked, I’m one the two top-rated field analysts, working alongside a kid dozens of tests have demonstrated is working four steps ahead of our best predictive risk-assessment routines - even the alien-based stuff. So: yes, I trusted that.”

“And if you’d been wrong, or he’d been compromised?”

“Someone told me a long time ago not to worry about what ifs if they didn’t matter anymore, and if Snow was compromised, I’d have handled it.”

“I don’t see how.”

“… Sir if you don’t think I can do my job, fire me.”

“Ted… Dammit, I’ve got more than just one agent trying to do their job out there, and of them, you are the only one who isn’t losing their goddamn mind right now.”

“Acclimating back to active missions can be difficult for anyone who’s been sidelined a long while. Parker --”

“Parker isn’t your problem. I am your problem, and I am not happy.”

“About what part? Rossum left his cell - not custody, just his cell - for an hour, and you got back two for the price of one. Compromised agents were identified and neutralized non-lethally.”


“And none of them were hospitalized. The worst two are on light duty for two weeks, and their counter-conditioning and psyche evals will take twice that time before they’re put back on regular duty, best case.”

“It put our people in impossible situations.”

“They put themselves in those situations, or put their wards there. If you’ve got a Special Agent who thinks she’s in the middle of a Skyfall remake every time something unexpected happens in Halcyon-goddam-City, that is not Link’s fault, or Charade’s. Parker’s out of her depth.”

“That’s not your call.”

“She ought to be reassigned.”

“Also not your call.”

“… yes sir. Is that everything, sir?”

sighs “How long’s this going to go on, Ted?”

“The kid turns eighteen soon enough. I expect I’ll turn in my resignation then.”

“… What?”

“If you needed a time line --”

“That is not what I was asking. You --”


“… nothing. Dismissed.”


author: Doyce T.
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Agent Ted Waters: this guy should be legendary for reversing the “paper prison” super villain trope. He captured Rossum, let him out rather than Rossum escaping, just so he could recapture him twice.

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author: Doyce T.
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