37.4 - Alycian Interlude

It’s been the Worst. Adventure. Ever.

I know – vets are cool with, or even ostensibly welcoming of lack of gunfire and blasters and explosions. “Eagerness for action is a noob reaction,” a merc once told me. He also died of an aneurysm two days later, watching TV, so go figure.

But this soiree had combined the worst of “things are happening” with “I don’t get to do any of them.”

Grabbed from out of prison (good!), in a way that would doubtless cheese off my jailer (bad!). Thrust into a literal psychodrama (and I use “literal” literally).

Were there menaces? Opponents? Threats? Certainly. Did I actually do anything? Of course not! I’m not an idiot, to take action in the dark that would possibly damage an Leaguer’s brain or psyche without a clear path forward. And the rest of the team seemed to have it all in hand anyway, so aside from standing by to either protect Adam or keep him from destroying the world …

… well, there really wasn’t much for me to do.

And then we’re back in a hospital room, and Mr. Harry’s Super-Hero Parent is awake and hugging a crying Mrs. Harry’s Super-Hero Parent, and Harry’s getting all sniffly and familial, and it’s all very warm and heartstring-tugging, and I’m not just a fifth wheel like the others, I’m the off-sized spare that everyone forgets is bolted under the back of the vehicle, practically inextricable without chipping off years of mud. Heartwarming, you know?

And at any moment, I’m expecting Streak or Tempest (or, hell, some other patient-visiting super) to recognize me from AEGIS’ files and haul me off (ironically) to prison before I can get a sarcastic word in edgewise.

Then the outside wall of the hospital rips away …

… and three people who look like they buy their clothes and auras from the same place as Concord are floating there …

… and one of them demands, “WHAT. HAVE. YOU. DONE?

I smile, roll my neck, and flex my gloves.

Things are suddenly looking up.


author: *** Dave H.
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