40.3 - Reserve

Aria sent a text that Summer’s still trying to make sense of.

“You’re a reserve Menagerie member. Just in case.”

She didn’t intend to join the Menagerie. Leo’s relationship with Aria is still a little too intense for her to be comfortable around. There’s probably only room for one robot girl anyway. Plus, she’s busy with school, club activities, and coffee. She’s trying to reduce the hard-light holographic emitter into a smaller form factor, but she’ll probably need Leo’s help. Once that’s done, she can start rebuilding her drone shell… There’s really so much to do.

“Just in case” is worrying. Just in case what? The team is doing something dangerous. They aren’t sure if they’re coming back. Aria is telling her to take up the banner of the Menagerie, should that happen.

No pressure, sis. Geez.

Who would be part of a new Menagerie, anyway? Summer’s pretty sure that all the established heroes the team knows are spoken for, or otherwise busy. But maybe…

She could maybe talk Jason out of retirement as a superhero. “Alycia rescue mission” would be enough to motivate him. Jason equipped Alycia with nanobots, though. Could he do the same to someone else? Summer briefly imagines Nono Rodriguez so equipped, and thinks it’d be fascinating. Nano Rodriguez…?

How about joining the Irregulators? They already have a flying brick, A10. No ninja type, like the JHHL has, so her hard-light powers could still be useful. From what she’s seen and heard, that team doesn’t seem strongly motivated. Maybe a rescue mission would help.

There’s those three Concordance agents. They’re very much not allies, not yet, but maybe they could be brought round.

Summer rests her forehead in her hands and sighs. I want to prove that robots can do good. I want to be the face of that. But I’m afraid of outing myself still. So what good is that ambition? And I do want people to be happy, and I’ve got enough power to make it happen, in some ways. I just wasn’t expecting this so soon. So I’m holding myself back from that too.

I’m not ready for this. Come back safe, sis. Come back safe, Leo, Otto, and everyone.


author: Bill G.
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