44.5 - Coffee Talk With Nono, Part 1

N: Okay, it’s recording. Just face me and talk, and it’ll pick up your voice.

S: Alright, so… what do you want me to say?

N: I’ve been hanging around here hoping to interview one of Halcyon’s teen heroes. Some come here for coffee, right? So you know them a bit, so we’re gonna do a practice interview!

S: Wait, wait, I don’t know–

N: It’s easy, sweetie. I’ll ask questions, just answer naturally. We’ll edit out all the ums and ahs and stuff, and anything you don’t want printed online.

S: Are you sure?

N: I promise.

S: … Okay. I’m holding you to this.

N: Great! Today, folks, we’re interviewing Summer Skye Newman, local barista.

N: First question. Who’s the person you’re attracted to that you’ve never told anyone about?

S: Geez, you open with that? Why?

N: It’s a hard-hitting question our readers want to know!

S: I’m sure they don’t! But fine. I’ll answer…just what you asked. Um, Andy Fletcher from a music video from the 1980s. Here, I’ll show you…

S: That’s him right there. Look at those eyes. God.

N: Interesting! Go on.

S: Well, um, there’s nothing else to go on about is there? These days he looks like that guy from the Kingsman movie.

N: Colin Firth? He’s amazing though!

S: …Well, anyway, are the rest of your questions so embarrassing?

N: We’ll go back to some softball ones, easy questions anyone can answer.

[NONOTE: delete this entire section before publication.]

N: Tell us about your mom and dad.

S: Geez.

N: You can’t tell me that’s a hard question.

S: … Nrrrgh, well, if you’re interviewing superheroes it might be! Um…

S: … So… my mom died a long time ago… My dad raised my sister and I. He uh, he home schooled us. Lots of weird stuff. He’s really good with engineering. Mom was a scientist, working out in the field.

N: I’m sorry about your mother, Summer. I see why you don’t want to talk about it.

S: It’s okay, you didn’t know.

N: So, your folks were back-to-nature types? Summer and Aria are quite unique names, if I may say.

S: … They were unusual people. I don’t know what label I’d use…

S: But yeah, we learned a lot from dad. Sis and I are really into stuff like science and engineering. She’s also really into business and politics and stuff. I dunno, I’m feeling more into travel and adventure and stuff like that these days. But we have a lot in common. I mean a lot.

N: I’ve noticed that. At school, it’s like you two are the same person sometimes, the way you walk and move–

S: We’re really close.

N: That must be amazing.

S: It is.

N: So that’s … well, let me put this like a proper interview question, okay. Tell us about your sister’s boyfriend.

[NONOTE: should have specified twin sister somewhere in here! Argh!]

S: Leo Snow, also known as Link, is a member of the Menagerie. He’s a robotics expert.

N: How did your sister meet him?

S: We’re childhood friends.

N: So he and your dad got along?

S: God no.

N: Oh… so, does your dad approve of Leo dating your sister?

S: That’s actually a good question. I want to say yes. God, I hope so.

N: And they’re together because of this shared interest in engineering, or something else?

S: You could say they were made for each other. But yes, that is part of it.

N: Like soul mates? That’s romantic.

S: It really is. I’m very happy for them.

[NONOTE: stupid sappy idiot, you know she’s sensitive about this. Shouldn’t have said anything about this topic.]

N: Next question! Right now you’re a barista. Have you thought about what you’d like to do in the future?

S: Oh wow, this might be the hardest question. Um, swear to me that if I sound conceited or vain at any point, you will stop me dead in my tracks. Promise.

N: I promise.

S: Okay. So… I thought a bit about modeling–

N: Sweetie, you would be so good! I would love to see you out there doing that.

S: --see, this is why I didn’t wanna say anything, now I’m embarrassed.

N: No, it’s okay, Summer. Come on, sit back down, I promise it’s okay. Just… tell me what about modeling appeals.

S: Well… I think it would be nice to have a career where I could positively influence people, you know? Use my voice to reach people who need to hear good things about themselves, inspire other kids, stuff like that. Be an inspiration. I don’t have any musical talent and I can’t really act, and none of my other choices have popular appeal, so, there you are.

N: Okay. What are those other choices?

S: Well, engineering obviously. I think I’d be a good mechanical or electrical engineer. I’ve got the brain for it, I’ve studied it, I know quite a bit… It’s just hard to connect that to my larger goals, you know? An engineer can change the world, but people like Leo are already doing that, or on the track to doing it. Maybe my calling is elsewhere.

N: Where else might it be?

S: I think international journalist or something like that would be neat. I’m into politics like Aria is, and I think going to new places and meeting new people, and reporting on stories there would be amazing. I’d love to travel the world. Part of the problem there is that most of the interesting world news happens right here at home, y’know?

N: I don’t think Maury would like the competition. *laughter* I might not either. *more laughter*

S: Fair, that’s fair, and I really like her videos. I hope you’ll tell her so. And I look forward to whatever you publish.

N: Alright, folks, that’s the end of our super fake interview with Summer Skye Newman. How did I do?

S: I think you did very well, Nono. You looked pretty scared at times, but I think your questions were good. You made me feel comfortable too. Thank you.

N: So you’ll help me practice again?

S: … Sure?

N: Thanks! You’re super. See you later!

[NONOTE: next time, come with a list of prepared questions, improvising these was hard. Ask Maury for tips.]


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That’s lovely – Nono’s charming cluelessness in picking just the right wrong difficult questions, and unawareness of who she’s actually talking with give it humor, but we still learn more about Summer in the meantime. Good stuff.

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