About the Menagerie Phase 2 category

New fiction in the Menagerie universe, following Marvel’s “Phase” system for the MCU.

  • Summer Time” and “Coffee With Colin” are in canon, and timed around the summer vacation after the seniors graduated
  • Phase 2 is the first couple of years of college for the main characters
  • Like the MCU’s Phase 2, the goals are to introduce or expand on the PCs’ supporting characters, plus add new places and situations

Stories can be seen in creation order using this link: Menagerie Phase 2 - Menagerie Forum

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The playground is open!

If you want to write your own stuff, do it! Here’s my conventions for naming and tagging:

  • The 100-series posts are all past tense, and are sort of establishing situations
  • There’s going to be some 200-series posts that are the real meat of the stories we’re telling here, written in present tense
  • Tag your posts with the major figures in them
  • Since everything here is fiction, don’t bother with cutscene/recap/whatever tags
  • I tagged existing posts with meu (“menagerie extended universe”) as a reminder of things I wanted to cover
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Story queue:

  • Alycia notices reactivation of worldwide Chin assets and plans, puts together the “Agents of AEGIS” team (1337, SNOWMAN, Emma, Nono) found here
  • When the Newmans learn that SNOWMAN is active, they are going to fucking flip out found here
  • Road trip - Alycia and SNOWMAN found here
  • Rivalry - Alex vs. Emma found here
  • Irregulators adventures - Alloy & the Animal! - found here
  • Sablestar and the Void Shadow Collective - what are they doing? - found here
  • What has Charlotte been up to as the Magus? - found here
  • What happened with villains like Ghostheart, Iconoclast, and Facet? - found here
  • First day at Vyortovia University! - started here, continuing here
  • What are the Chin successors up to? What drug are they making? With whose help? - found here
  • A10, TK, and Armiger - what are they up to? - found here
  • Leo, Ninjess, and Stingray visit Atlantis - found here
  • What dark forces helped Ghostheart, Iconoclast, and Facet escape AEGIS custody? - found here
  • What are the Rook students at NU doing? What’s the plan? - started here
  • How do the Agents handle their assorted self-doubts? - found here
  • How is Paimon and Rook intertwined? - found here
  • How does Leo escape from Atlantis? - found here
  • What’s going on with Princess Peri? - found here
  • What’s ghost fishing? - found here
  • What does Charlotte learn about the Hidden Family? - found here
  • What is Doctor Infinity’s time in the underworld going to mean for her when/if she is reactivated - found here
  • What’s the next lead for the Agents of AEGIS? What does the New Chin Empire do in return? - found here
  • Why are ninjas attacking Leo’s house? - found here
  • How do Adam and Jordan escape the clutches of the Concordance? - found here
  • More Ghost Girl/Ghostheart shenanigans in the future - found here
  • What are Pyrrhus and Mirror Alycia planning? - found here
  • What’s a Concordance force field doing in the ruined factory district? - found here
  • How does Jason Quill escape the SVR? - found here
  • What new shenanigans will Jordan and the Rainbow Warriors get up to? - found here
  • What new scheme is a freed Ghostheart up to? - found here
  • How do our heroes stop the Invisible Invasion? - found here

Currently mulling over things. Really want to revisit (and finish) my Tribunal series because what I had in mind for that would have a huge impact on future Adam stories. Just got to do it but…


Since I have own 50K-and-growing Jalycia tale going on, I probably won’t actively contribute unless something really inspires me, but I’ll try to constructively kibitz along the way.

  1. Oooooooooh. Alycia being active about this and pulling together such a team is very on-point.
  2. Alycia would consider this a feature, not a bug. Except insofar as Summer might be upset.

I know I definitely appreciate this because I frequently require a bit of a push across the starting line (and finish line… and the water stations along the course sometimes) on these sort of projects.

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