About the Menagerie Phase 2 category

New fiction in the Menagerie universe, following Marvel’s “Phase” system for the MCU.

  • Summer Time” and “Coffee With Colin” are in canon, and timed around the summer vacation after the seniors graduated
  • Phase 2 is the first couple of years of college for the main characters
  • Like the MCU’s Phase 2, the goals are to introduce or expand on the PCs’ supporting characters, plus add new places and situations
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The playground is open!

If you want to write your own stuff, do it! Here’s my conventions for naming and tagging:

  • The 100-series posts are all past tense, and are sort of establishing situations
  • There’s going to be some 200-series posts that are the real meat of the stories we’re telling here, written in present tense
  • Tag your posts with the major figures in them
  • Since everything here is fiction, don’t bother with cutscene/recap/whatever tags
  • I tagged existing posts with meu (“menagerie extended universe”) as a reminder of things I wanted to cover
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Story queue:

  • Alycia notices reactivation of worldwide Chin assets and plans, puts together the “Agents of AEGIS” team (1337, SNOWMAN, Emma, Nono) found here
  • When the Newmans learn that SNOWMAN is active, they are going to fucking flip out found here
  • Road trip - Alycia and SNOWMAN found here
  • Rivalry - Alex vs. Emma found here
  • Irregulators adventures - Alloy & the Animal! - found here
  • Sablestar and the Void Shadow Collective - what are they doing? - found here
  • What has Charlotte been up to as the Magus? - found here
  • What happened with villains like Ghostheart, Iconoclast, and Facet? - found here
  • First day at Vyortovia University! - started here, continuing here
  • What are the Chin successors up to? What drug are they making? With whose help?
  • Leo, Ninjess, and Stingray visit Atlantis
  • A10, TK, and Armiger - what are they up to?
  • What dark forces helped Ghostheart, Iconoclast, and Facet escape AEGIS custody?
  • What are the Rook students at NU doing? What’s the plan?
  • What does Charlotte learn about the Hidden Family?

Currently mulling over things. Really want to revisit (and finish) my Tribunal series because what I had in mind for that would have a huge impact on future Adam stories. Just got to do it but…


Since I have own 50K-and-growing Jalycia tale going on, I probably won’t actively contribute unless something really inspires me, but I’ll try to constructively kibitz along the way.

  1. Oooooooooh. Alycia being active about this and pulling together such a team is very on-point.
  2. Alycia would consider this a feature, not a bug. Except insofar as Summer might be upset.

I know I definitely appreciate this because I frequently require a bit of a push across the starting line (and finish line… and the water stations along the course sometimes) on these sort of projects.

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