Amari One-Offs

Everyone needs to hear an encouraging word once in awhile.

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I love it.

It’s not all Jordan comics all the time, see?

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Posted here instead of Newman One-offs because of who had more to say. This is a conversation I’d also love to give more attention to, because I feel that “our child is growing up faster and weirder than we can deal with” is the Amaris’ whole gig, and Aria’s navigating her own unknowns in child rearing, so while it’s not the same problem, it’s in the same ballpark.


I really liked this. I tried writing my own version of this back when this idea first got floated around (a couple of months ago?) and I couldn’t get the dialogue to work. I’m glad you made this with the level of heart it deserved.


Alycia looks at the chores whiteboard and sees Summer marked off “Vacuum”.

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I think these two are long overdue for a talk, for reasons given.


Last comic in this plot, with obligatory threat to Colin’s life. I don’t think this changes any status quo for Keri, but I tried to capture what I think is her current relationship with Adam.

Well, okay, one more, this time from Adam’s perspective. I really liked the “The Talk” cutscene with Leo and Adam, and I can sort of picture how he might carry that forward with Summer.

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Love all of these. Always enjoy the little human moments you pick out for these comics.

“-- take a goddamn number and stand in line!”


I’m taking Mike’s feedback to heart and writing Colin as more assertive (“take a number” is I think Colin at his current best). But at the same time, he’s no Leo, and his dating advice won’t be as comprehensive. But I think he makes a good point here (edit: that we’re never really ready, not “a chicken in every pot and a Newman girlfriend in every relationship”).

Following Save the Date, I thought it’d be neat for these two to talk. Also because Mike expressed interest in the comic so enjoy a break from more Alycia-Summer comics!

Octava apparently picked up the slang pretty fast.

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I think I remember some connection with these two guys. This kind of sums up how I recall that relationship playing out.

And for what it’s worth, I will always compare Adam to Negi Springfield. He’s a little boy who’s a magical prodigy, and gets assigned to teach older girls at a school, in a manga that superficially started as a harem story (thankfully subverted later). Here’s the class roster:

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