Assorted One-Offs


And, yes, I realize it has a happy ending. Still …

Colin plans for the future.

More seriously, it’s kind of interesting to have this family plot running in the back of my head, where Summer angsts about Leo and Aria being together, raising a family, and Summer feeling like she’ll never have that. But Colin’s got an obvious solution that never occurred to her: “why don’t you guys just build another Rossum-type neurochip and put it in my head, long enough to get this brain imprint you’d need?”

At that point it raises the big question of how long the Summer-Colin relationship will last, i.e. long enough for Summer’s family goals to be realized? And that’s a whole ton of story, so we aren’t going anywhere near there.

Enough weighty matters. Back to our regularly scheduled shenanigans!

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Here’s some positive feels then.

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Two alien races team up to take over the Earth!


(Also, nicely crafted. And the body language.)

(And the Get Smart vibe.)

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We had Summer doing Alycia’s hair. What does it look like for Alycia to return the favor?

These two have some really weird flirtations.

I mean Colin isn’t wrong, he’s just got a very skewed sample set to work with.

The plane look is best.

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Look what someone found in the archives


I still love that.


Alycia begrudgingly wearing an alpaca backpack as a sort of social camouflage? Nope, I cannot imagine it.
I cannot imagine it at all.


This is what I live for

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Summer often gets one over on Alycia, like the Al-Pack-A and similar tricks. But I think Alycia needs to get revenge once in awhile.

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