Badass Doctors

What does a doctor do when they aren’t doctoring?


Firefly’s Simon Tam is the obvious inspiration for the Stitch.

Red Beard, played fiercely by Toshiro Mifune. He’s not just a compassionate doctor, he’s a samurai.

Black Jack, the manga/anime super-surgeon, basically a vigilante medic.

Mushishi’s Ginko, a sort of spirit botanist, who makes use of (and heals people from) mysterious lifeforms beyond the ordinary. A much quieter type of character, but definitely a guy with brains and guts.

House. I mean come on, this is the guy with the Stupor vice. Not an action icon, but definitely someone with good scores in Doctor, Study, and Sway.

Iron Monkey is mostly a martial artist, but his backstory is “Zorro, except he’s also a doctor”. A good archetype of the caregiver who supports revolution and social justice.

Captain Blood, whose compassion earned him a stint as a slave, and whose courage led him to piracy! In terms of playbooks he’s probably more Scoundrel or Speaker, but he parlays his medical skill into social influence.


  • Create lifelike masks for disguises out of some super-tech synthetic skin. 51st Legion has our physical description? Change what we look like! Or let one of us duplicate another’s appearance. A prime candidate for a flashback.
  • Administer drugs - not truth serum! - to interrogate a captive, or strong sedatives or paralytics to non-lethally (and silently) disable someone.
  • Alternately, make use of drugs yourself, to enhance your abilities or perception, e.g. the focus drugs from “The Expanse”.
  • Use social deference for doctors to get someone through a security checkpoint, presenting them as a patient.

All of these make sense to me as tools a doctor would use in the cause of revolution - for example, masks or other biometric bypass tools would be great for helping rebels strike anonymously and disappear without being identified.

I’ve been working through a movie and TV queue to get similar inspirations for a Pilot, for what it’s worth. :slight_smile: Some of what I’m watching just doesn’t work for me, but some of it does.