Calling on the hive mind

Anyone have good suggestions for phone / app friendly play by post platforms or tools?

The Masks game I play with my daughter and two of her friends hit a real high note with the most recent session, but it looks like we won’t be able to get back to the table until almost mid-August. Need something for asynchronous one-on-one play with a generation that associates “email” with “homework.”

Also, they’re going to be on the road a lot, so something that requires a PC for best experience is not recommended.

While there are many different platforms that handle that sort of thing (one of my friends swears by Role Gate, though i haven’t used it myself), if you want simple and already part if your routine, I imagine you could ask Bill for a category on these forums and play that way (you’d just need a third party dice roller) or use Discord’s text channels like you did like a year ago.

Discord should do everything else you need, but won’t easily support persistent character sheets, handouts, or rules references. If you need that stuff, Role Gate might work better, or yeah, just post stuff in a new forum category and link it in Discord.

Alternately, clone this Google Drive sheet:

Did your player(s) have any preferences as well?

I know from past experience they’re not great at responding to or really probably monitoring their email inbox.

One of them recently got onto a Discord server and immediately started bemoaning how difficult it was to keep up with what everybody was saying and doing.

I’ve had a similar problem with Discord as a asynchronous communication tool as far back as when it was called mirc.

I’m poking around with rolegate today. At least at first blush it looks like it might be an option

If RoleGate doesn’t work out, yeah, feel free to use the forums. I can add new oauth login options so people don’t have to learn another password, or make other changes as needed.

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What I really need is a Google Plus private Community with a thread for each one of the characters to do their scenes in. If only…

I say this because all three of them were already active in Google Plus and know how it works and liked it

You can put down money for a G Suite app and plug them into Currents, which is the new G+ for business users. But that’s probably more effort than it’s worth.

Just interested @doyce, but did you ever decide on a solution?

Still fiddling with rolegate. It’s promising.