Chapter 02: The Fellowship and the Neighborhood Mob

When last we left our fellowship …

The City of Redvalley, in the lowlands, surrounded by the fogs and ungovernable magics, kept at bay from the city by the four statues of Nelrisian protectors.

Which are all crumbling.

We’re standing outside the Glaive & Goblin. …

The Action Begins

Virens & Ann – Mist Barges may be on the fritz.
Ann has a bond with Hax the cook.

Inside …

Rowan is trying to get the innkeeper going.
Carabas – to innkeeper … “I just saw your family running by … you should come with us and join them in safety.”
Talk Sense (Courage) --> 7 …
wife: “yes, we’ll go with, and wizard here promised we’d find them, we’ll need the resources, so you need to carry this where I can keep my eye on you, you smarmy furfaced …”
Loaf of bread, weight of a car battery. Ugh.

Outside …

Virens is trying to stand there giving orders to gets us to safety. Ann is there, too. Shouts to stable boy to whistle up the horses.
Bonds between them.
Keep Them Busy --> 11!
they come over to hear his cunning plan

Rest of us come out.
Wife: Where’s my boy?
C: Virens, which way did he go?
Wynn: through the forges.
“If you’re trying to imply my son ran to the forges, halfling …”

Quickest? by Air Barge
Safest? Away from large crowds, and not by air.

Forges, though there’s a risk from tunnel collapse. And slowest.

Talk Sense (with Hope) -> 10!

So we march out. Virens in front, Ann in back (on horseback). Wynn in the front as well to the forgotten passages through forges. (Away from the crowds going to the main gates or the mist barges.)
Carabas is in the middle, on his war dog (with the innkeeper’s wife behind).

Statues seem to be holding for the moment.

A Cry for Help

Innkeeper’s wife clutches at C’s sleeve. “Did you hear that? There! There!” Someone calling for help. “That’s my boy! Simon!”
Carabas trots off to the rescue. Along with Ann, and Rowen.

Virens and Wynn leading the group (20ish) slowly onward.

Rowan is concerned it is a Mist Wisp, that call you toward deep pockets of the Mist where they congregate so that you can become Mist-touched.

Remote viewing. Three questions:

  1. What is going on here? See someone in pain, injured, townsperson.
  2. Something hidden? An additional shadowy presence, perhaps enhancing it?
  3. What if I alert Carabas so he can get the jump on it? Yes, would give an advantage.

C alerted.
Get Away with Ann’s help …
–> 12
Catling bogey-man lore: The Red Eye … draws in unwitting catlings into the darkness, mesmerized by its movements, until it is too late and they are trapped …

Have Advantage.
Ha-ha … flashing blades, ha-ha!
Finish them! Grace --> 10
Resistance, like water. It leaps back, crouches … almost makes a move, but it’s intimidated by the blade, and the clip-clopping horse … it leaps back into a side street and away. Ha-ha!

Guy was injured under rubble, but also looks to have been clawed. Get him up onto a horse.

At the Forges

Virens and Wynn.
Wynn cannot let Virens fail his quest.
Virens considers Wynn his party buddy.
City here, the forge, is very utilitarian, brutalist. Originally of Drolope make.
Look closely --> 6! Nothing is the way it used to be. It’s all distracting.

  1. What’s going on here? What do my senses tell me?

Virens sees Wynn checking out the courtyard … wave folks to hold tight.
Wynn indicates that at the main entrance there are two guys standing sentry, tensely. Wearing clothes with blood, not theirs.

Virens’ sword detects threats – this one is vague (not focused on him yet).
Doors are ajar. Look (with hope) --> 8

  1. Something hidden/out of place? Dressed like city guards, but the uniforms just don’t fit them. They aren’t guards.
  2. What will happen if they are challenged to ID themselves? Bullies who might fight back, or shout for help, esp. if there are other looters in the forges. …
  3. What is the crowd with us doing, and what will they do next?

Virens charges forward, with Wynn, challenging them to join or get out of the way. Assumes Wynn has his back.
(Wynn sees the Toskans as the best way to defeat Ursula.)
Find out the hard way that they are not alone. Clank-snap of crossbows (x3).
Scary as Hell armor. Talk Sense with blood … even when taking a hit (Tough as Nails = Armor)
Wynn is naturally hard to wound. Mundane weapons cannot harm him, only slow them.
Virens hit in the shoulder. Wynn hit center-body (and has learned that a lack of reaction has the most effect).
Talk Sense +h --> 9
Mob is emboldened.

“If we get out of the way and just go … we get to go! Right?”
Sure, you’ll face the Mists on their own.
“You make a good point … but can you keep us from being torn apart by the mob?”
“We stand stronger together” (to the crowd).
Nobody will meet his gaze (in defiance, at least)

Rowan and Carabas and Ann ride up at the end of this.

End of the Session

  1. Protected a community in need. Y
  2. Strike a blow against Overlord and minions? N
  3. Learned more about the world? Y


  • Overlord - Overlord
  • Players - Virens
    Took “Good for what ales you” as discussed as a move. My orcish moonshine now acts as healing potions and then grants me Hope


  • Overlord - Carabas
    Grace + 1 (to 3, maxxed)
  • Players - Ann

Forging bonds:

  • Virens with the lead bandit - Clever Cowardice; Crossbow Support

  • Rowen with Carabas “Carabas can be trusted in tight situations.”

  • Ann with Horace (the guy we saved).

General feedback!

  • This session felt like it went more smoothly, and I feel like we did the thing we talked about last time: pull our attention up out of the fiction a bit.
  • I felt more clearly like people had their niches. I think we just need to work on our pacing, so there’s more opportunity to fill those niches in play.
  • I feel like Virens’ use of gear was good this time, supporting his time in the spotlight and crafting a character narrative (“my pain is worth your safety”).
  • I’ll be interested to see how actual combat plays out, and I see five distinct combat styles (swashbuckling, orc soldiery, ghost-fu, wranglin’, scary-ass magic) that can be brought into play and interact with each other. Looking forward to it.

@Dave can I ask that when Doyce uploads a video, you link it at the top (or bottom, or whatever) of the recap? Just putting the YouTube URL on its own line will handle all the embedding.

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Total agreement.

I thought Virens’ use of gear with the bandits was great and exactly the sort of thing I envision with the Orc should be able to do. Now to see how everyone else’s gear comes to the fore.

I’m interested in this too. Rowan has such weird, weird options in combat (well, he has weird options everywhere but combat is the most obvious place where they’ll be applicable) that I’m both excited and worried to see him use them.

I’m very much looking forward to the Fellowship’s first fight.

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Definitely agree it felt smoother. Still not sure the spotlight switched off at the appropriate gotcha moments, and I think there is still room to share the scene-making a bit more smoothly.

Yeah. Thinking of the overall episode …

  1. We gather up the people in the inn and surrounding environs.
  2. We answer a call for help.
  3. We encounter looters at the Forge.

… it doesn’t feel like we got as far as we should have. Part of that is becoming more familiar with the system, no doubt (the playbooks introduce a lot of synergistic moves or alternative ways of doing the same thing, so I know I don’t as quickly have an action at hand as I ought).

Yeah, Virens definitely took point on being the hero here. He definitely has an Aragorn vibe about him (leader, representative of a distant empire, a bit offputting in appearance, bad-ass) (all meant by me in a good way). It was a very nice scene. I caught hints of the others, too, in increasing ways, so that’s promising.

Yeah, gear (and companions) is also going to be an interesting complication / ability to start exploiting. Still trying to figure out how I want to be using my War Dog mount (Hambone), and all the extra bodies/capabilities of companions of various sorts will make this a more tactical game in many ways than just “The Five Adventurers”.

I did love being able to Defeat (and storytell about) the Monster of the Red Laser Pointer of Legend (with thanks to Ann), but I suspect Carabas’ tactics in full-up combat will be much more of the Keep Them Busy (in close quarters, so that I can exploit my Sting Like a Bee abilities), with appropriate ducking out of sight in order to pounce unexpectedly. Which, I guess, is kind of swashbucklery in a Three Musketeers (1973) fashion (dearth of musketry aside, it seems in recollection that the 3Ms dispatched at least more than half their foes with something other than being better swordsmen).

I am looking forward to learning more about these characters and what they can do

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So, I want to talk about this, and I think we have two games that have combined to give us the perfect metaphor.

You remember who else had trouble getting through a door?

The solution in their case was to keep it simple. Don’t over-think or over-complicate problems. Let one move resolve a problem, if it makes sense. Let it be the move that sounds logical (e.g. “keep them at bay”) at the time. That resolution can lead to other problems, as usual.

How does that sound?

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Sounds easier said than done (knowing my own tendency to try to complicate things in my head), but it also makes sense.

(More sense than whatever Aragorn is wearing on his head there. :crazy_face:)


I can give some specific suggestions, if that helps anyone.

  • Teamwork: if you want to help someone with a roll, have mutual Bonds. That person then gets to roll with Hope, good deal. Don’t have a Bond yet? Arrange a scene where you two do something important together. But don’t try to shoehorn in another move from someone else as teamwork, unless it makes sense.
  • Rerolls: resist the urge to say “X didn’t succeed, so I’ll try!”. Making moves should change the situation, so the D&D-esque “everyone roll Investigation” type scenario shouldn’t happen.
  • Handoffs: do you the player think something should happen, but your PC isn’t the one to make it happen? “hey Dave, I think Carabas might be able/ought to (whatever)”.

I feel like just those three things would save us time.

And to add to that list:

  • When it comes to our limited time for gaming, I would rather make a dumb decision quickly than a smart decision 5 minutes (1/24th of our playtime) from now. If I can defer to someone else to give me time to think, great. But if I’m the hot seat, I will make the dumb decision now and we can all have fun with the results rather than stress on the “correct” answer.

Given what we kept refering to the townsfolk as, I wonder if this is one of the Fellowship moves we’ll get offered if we manage to earn their Fellowship.

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