Chapter 03: The Fellowship and the Descent into the Forges

Lore Stuff

  1. [The folk that were servants of Wynn’s people were dwarflike.]

  2. [Elves are fairy creatures - satyrs and centaurs and unicorns and dryads and brownies and nixies and pixies]

  3. [Have the Mists always been this dangerous? Always sort of dangerous …]

  4. [The Harbingers are an order more than a people. About a 1000 at their height]

  5. [Virens friend was killed when the Floating Island was brought down, and only recently informed by Rowen that the Overlord was behind it. Patrol to clear the area it’s approaching … and are at ground zero when it crashes down. Virens had been part of that, and had left to muster a proper-sized resource, and so wasn’t there when everyone died.]

The Forges

Just outside of the Forge … Virens has bound a bondsman – Creative Coward and Crossbow Support –

The Forges … big doors in the front, askew. [Bob]'s group were assigned to keep an eye on the doors and keep them clear for when the gang came back from looting.

How long since Wynn was last here? Time is different for the Undead. Last visited a decade or so before Nelres fell. Rowan hasn’t been here before, but one of his mentors has, and talked much about the Great Forges.

Wynn: a word of caution: Don’t look too closely at the walls.

Entrance is lit. Not torches – crystals. The architecture is not like the rest of the city. A very stoic art deco. Runes. Oblique angles. Occasional dust as seismic events.

Choose not to seal the doors.

Virens and Wynn in front.

Basic drawing that Wynn provides:

Wynn … Look Closely --> 7

  • Is something hidden or out of place? … some of the dirt backed up sideways. A trip rope, have used rope to hang a big wagon canvas, filled with debris. Easy to avoid, easy to trigger and avoid (but noisy)
  • Tell me about the looters - what are they doing, what will they do next? … definitely in further, likely to head for the first forges a few hundred yards in. The most heavily used. Also, vaults.
  • Tell me about other threats. How could it hurt me, how could it help me?

Landing, leading to lower levels. Shouts and calls.

Ann … Look Closely --> 8

  1. Tell me about the noises. What are they doing? What next? … Back and forth, speeches and cheers.
  2. What would happen if we tried to bypass the group below? … not likely to sneak past, esp with horses, without taking out a couple of guards. (The passages are somewhat linear with branches out but not necessarily in parallel) [MAP]
  3. What do my senses tell me? … Not a naturally violent person, but they are clearly distracted, and we might stand a chance to take them with surprise (or at least cause them to flee).

Little Folk --> 7! --> nobody notices right sway, but they’ll know I did it once they notice it.
Pass through some workrooms … into one of those columned stoa, 3-4 levels deep (up at top level). Banked forges. Vault buildings. Shouting is centered around a central area near the entrance, a big geode, glowing, maybe 15 feet diameter, on a stand… 30-odd guys. Gang leader, guys, very shouty … shouting at the rock, maybe cracks … brazier crystals giving off light …

A bit of movement around the base of it. There are some people fiddling with it, which the looters seem to be taking objection to, ye’d best be backing away now! Me and me men! Arrr!
Soft reply of a calm individual, not at all concerned.
Gang leader, “I don’t know who you are, don’t care, admire your calm, but it makes the boys nervous when there’s someone else poking about other than them. If ye don’t leave, we’ll be leaving your bodies. Last chance.”
Gist of reply … “If you’ll just be a bit patient for my mistress here as she settles up her work, you’ll find out why one does not meddle with the Harbingers.” That’s the Harbinger speaking; the mistress appears to be in the geode, fiddling out.

Carabas Gets Away --> 12! Quickly and Quietly away!
Reports. “They have a Harbinger!”

Rowan’s impulse is to go down and talk with the Harbinger.
How about the other 30 bandits? And the mistress? Rowan dismisses.

Ann is staying with the mob.
The other four come down. Except for [Bob], who’s on high watch with the crossbow.

We are seen coming in, of course. Walk with swagger.
There’s not much light … Wynn takes on the visual of the old people, drawing darkness …
Keep Them Busy: --> 9 (in full)

Rowan … loud steps.
Virens … iron-shod boots.

The thieves take a step back.

Harbinger – a very handsome guy – pushes his hood back.

Rowan?” It’s Ecki of Bornaer (a location that no longer exists).
Little crease between eyebrows. “You seem to have wandered far afield”
“Could say same thing.”
“I have reasons for being here to serve the larger council. I go where they bid me. And you?”
“Welp, came here to get away from problems, ran into some other, so if I were you I’d back off.”
“Tell me you’re not coming here to loot, too. These fine castoffs, it’s understandable. But you’re not here to take these cobbled together bits. Oh, we’re not taking this thing, we’re just harvesting some overflow. Housekeeping to avoid spillage and pollution. Just and after thought as to why we were here.”

The thing is lying on several Ley Lines. A spillway.

(Ecki is the most skilled of the Harbingers … not the most powerful, but the most skilled.)

“Anyway, we’re done and just leaving.”

Figure in armor steps out. It’s of Wynn’s people, signifying a Protector of their people, and also one of the most specialized echelons, Honor Guard in charge of protecting the Tower. They would never leave the city. So … it should not be here.

The figure is holding a crystalline matrix in wires and mesh. It might be floating in their hand.
“Protector, this is not your fight. It is past. Your world, our world is gone. You failed to protect it, and you should give up what little hope you may have clung to after all these years. Stand aside.”
Twist the Knife! Image of the moment when the land it was on cracked away and fell into the Lowlands.
Wynn attacks, right now!

As a Threat to the World (the General), you have to pay a price to attack them. [Damage Sense, as they charge in screaming]

(Siflay … a General of the Overlord. Under the Honor Bound. For My Honor, Mercy, Unrelenting)

End of the Session

  1. Did we save or protect a community in need? N
  2. Did we strike a blow against the Overlord and their minions? N
  3. Did we learn about the world?: Y


  • Wynn
  • Rowan - Talk to Rocks

Rowan’s advance was Cultural Appreciation, which allows him to take a move from a basic playbook and he can take one of their agendas as well. With that, I took Earth Friend from the Dwarf playbook and The Dwarven Working Craft which is “Create, restore, and protect things of lasting value” which I take as “lasting value” to mean “important to people’s everyday life.” Saving some famous painting or stop someone from smashing up a ferry used by a community? Rowan’s saving the ferry first.

As for Earth Friend, this means Rowan can now talk to…

  • Anyone he shares a language with (just like anyone else).
  • The beasts and monsters of the world.
  • Random stones, mountains, and other rock formations.
    Now all he needs is for Wynn to share that “talk to the dead” move from the Revenant and I’m pretty sure Rowan can find someone or something to talk to almost anywhere.

The dwarvish clan, the Drolopes, also known as the Red Miners, that Wynn’s people were friends with weren’t servants, but allies. Our two races built and maintained Redvalley together. They actually adopted one of our gods, Inger. She who watches over the rocks and the earth and is said to have created the lowlands.

You can already talk to the dead. You even have a bond with them.

Well, you’re not wrong.

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