Cid's Workshop

Here’s some stuff I’m thinking about building!

Cormorant Scale

Scale mail, replicating the design of a bird’s feathers, and designed to hold up against significant punishment. Value 4, Load 1, Wear 3. Foxfolk Steel, Tightly Woven, Cumbersome.

Rugged armor playing to Cid’s strengths as a Tinker - the ability to repair the suit without too much effort. Costs Exhaustion to wear, but should take a beating.

Recovery Flask

A specialist alchemical recipe that can cure all exhaustion for four people. Value 5, Load 1, Wear 4. Refreshing.

Serrated Spear

A long, sturdy spear capable of rending armor or smashing through weapon hafts. Value 5, Load 1, Wear 4. Cleave, Reach, Bulky.

Sureshot Bow

A compact but sturdy weapon, mostly used for sniping or deception. Value 5, Load 1, Wear 3, Accurate, Tricky.

Apothecary’s Kit (compact)

A lighter-weight version of Cid’s current kit. Value 5, Load 1, Wear 4. Healer’s Kit.

Can cure 4 points of exhaustion or 2 points of injury. Presumably refillable by spending time foraging, weaving, and formulating to restock the contents of the kit.

The first batch of items is more for war. Here’s some infiltration gear!


An alchemically treated, reversible cloak. Contains patterns that can be highlighted to give the vague impression of fur, feathers, or camouflage patterns, making it ideal for sneaking around unobserved. Value 5, Load 0, Wear 3. Blend, Comfortable, Disarming, Scarce

Hidden Knives

Throwable knives concealed as jewelry, clothing clasps, or other ordinary bits of wear.
Value 8, Load 1, Wear 4. Trick Shot move. Disguised, Hidden, Tricky.

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Here’s some high end war-gear.

Bow of the Crescent Moon

A high grade weapon, with alchemically treated wood and string. Value 7, Load 1, Wear 5. Harry a Group move. Accurate, Foxfolk Steel, Heavy Draw Weight, Bulky, Identifiable.

  • Steelbreaker Arrows: coated with a potent alchemical mixture that corrodes metal on impact. Value 5, Load 0, Wear 2. Cleave move. Iron Bolts, Large, Light, Fragile.

Algier Ironworks Chain

Chainmail with a distinctive goat-headed insignia on the chest, with horns curving around the shoulders. Value 8, Load 0, Wear 5. Comfortable, Foxfolk Steel, Reinforced, Tightly Woven, Identifiable.

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