Cid's Workshop

Here’s some stuff I’m thinking about building!

Recovery Flask

A specialist alchemical recipe that can cure all exhaustion for four people. Value 5, Load 1, Wear 4. Refreshing.

The first batch of items is more for war. Here’s some infiltration gear!


An alchemically treated, reversible cloak. Contains patterns that can be highlighted to give the vague impression of fur, feathers, or camouflage patterns, making it ideal for sneaking around unobserved. Value 5, Load 0, Wear 3. Blend, Comfortable, Disarming, Scarce

Hidden Knives

Throwable knives concealed as jewelry, clothing clasps, or other ordinary bits of wear.
Value 8, Load 0, Wear 4. Trick Shot move. Disguised, Hidden, Light, Tricky.

Smoke Bombs

Alchemically created grenades that fill an area with smoke. Can blind enemies or enable getaways. Value 6, Load 0, Wear 4. Confuse Senses move. Blend, Light, Fragile.

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Here’s some high end war-gear.

Bow of the Crescent Moon

A high grade weapon, with alchemically treated wood and string. Value 8, Load 1, Wear 5. Harry a Group move. Accurate, Foxfolk Steel, Heavy Draw Weight, Iron Bolts, Bulky, Identifiable.

Algier Ironworks Chain

Chainmail with a distinctive goat-headed insignia on the chest, with horns curving around the shoulders. Value 8, Load 0, Wear 5. Comfortable, Foxfolk Steel, Reinforced, Tightly Woven, Identifiable.

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