City of Mist: combat tactics

I’m finally home and have a few minutes, so some thoughts on combat and how to be effective.

  • it’s easy to drop a low-tier status on someone
  • a low-tier status can pump up a high-tier damage status
  • thus, it feels very Fate-esque in the sense of “build up aspects that you then use as fuel to deliver a beatdown”
  • this means it’s better (mechanically) to encourage cooperation between teammates when fighting a tough enemy, and not just go lone-wolf and lean in on your Mythos and fighting preferences

Moves that Tlaloc can use that will probably work well with Lily, and work against many opponents:

  • Weather manipulation - torrential rains for visibility, creating pools of water for Tlaloc to move through, etc. Being inside Iron Hans might keep Lily safe from the worst of the downpour.
  • Lightning is a good direct-damage finisher, if we have some existing status on the table. The fiction gives me room to either amp up the damage or spread it to multiple targets.
  • Drowning people is probably effective, and Tlaloc can use this to suffocate someone long enough for Lily & Iron Hans to wind up.

Fights involving this guy probably look like the X-Men’s Storm, or scenes from “The Crow”. AND ON THAT NOTE, “The Crow” is probably a great touchstone generally.

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