Crack Character Ideas (S&V)

So I’ll throw these out as just things I was noodling with, in case they inspire any ideas among others, possible synergies, etc. I’m not going to go into actual builds yet. (Insert standard caveat that I could play of these or something altogether different, y’know?)

A. Xeno Muscle who always has a big smile on his face because he just lurves him a brawl. Loyal to the crew but undisciplined, racial traits that led to his people’s near-genocide at the hands of Guild fungus miners. He’s intentionally come to the Procyon sector because of race myths that his people came from the Hantu gate (and settled faaaar from it); he’s just hanging out until it’s opened again so he can find more of them.
Fun, trouble-making (and -fixing), with hooks to longer-range stuff. Probably the one I’m most interested in, short- or long-term.

B . Ex-Noble Muscle, impeccably dressed and well-spoken (such that folk think he’s the Speaker of the group). Big game hunter in his youth, thrown out of the Legion in a still-sealed scandal, professional duelist until that generated too much heat, now out on the fringe looking for [TBD]. Usually angry and resentful of his fate, but always proper about it.
First one I came up with, a bit more grim, possibly a bit too Alycia.

C. Crazy Mystic, the little old man who you really hope won’t engage you in conversation, but who’s a lot more attuned to the Way than folk think. Says a lot of non sequiturs that may not be. Actually has a plan to [TBD], but has hooked up with this crew out of a strong sense of destiny. Or is that density? Always get those two mixed up. Probably has an interesting past, if he only told the same story twice.
Plenty of comic relief, and useful, though the Way rules feel dauntingly vague

D. Young Mechanic, girl, focus on hacking (or maybe bot building), possibly augmented herself (former Guild protege). Searching for her twin sister, really not inclined to a life of crime and violence, but she’s found some folk who can keep her safe and help her move around during her search, so she’ll do what she can.
Vaguest concept, some possible moral dilemma fodder, just another one that keeps coming back to me as a possibility.

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In case it’s of use to anyone, I chewed up the tao te ching and revamped it into a philosophical text on the way.

It should go without saying this particular text is considered heretical by the various Way cults that are part of the Hegemony. It’s a “kill anyone you suspect may have read it” kind of book.

I think it’s safe to assume (based on my readings here) that any theological / philosophical / metaphysical assertion regarding the Way will be met by public execution and/or daggers in the back, and quite possibly both, by various parties. Even being too loudly orthodox can be a risky move.

Sharing my own current idea. Works best as a Speaker, but can be shifted.

Former member of the Guild. Was about three weeks from usurping his boss before a rival member of the Guild beat him to the punch. Rather than go with the normal Guild tradition of joining the usurper’s employ, he decided to strike out on his own. Now he bankrolls our little gang of scoundrels, hoping to get his revenge on the people who had the gall to beat him to the punch. Frequently complains that he could have owned his own moon at this point if it hadn’t been for them.


And now I’m thinking up dialogue for them. I think I’ve gone too far.

Speaker: I’m a humanitarian.
Another Crew Member: Humanitarian? You tried to usurp your mentor in the Guild.
Speaker: Yes, but I was going to do it in a dignified manner. I was just going to undermine his net worth and then buy him out at a reduced cost. Those other guys? They framed him and then had his assets seized. I at least had a comfortable retirement package picked out for him. And it only would have taken him 10 years to get fully vested in it. That’s compassion!

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I’ve read through the character creation rules and am prepping my usual technique for picking a playbook in a new system.

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