Custom Moves

When you start to hack something or someone serious, the GM determines the ice that’s guarding this target, from 1 (ordinary people) to 5 (multi-national defense systems). A rule of thumb is that ice is equal to the number of conditions a villain would have, e.g. 2-3 for an average to tough individual. Then pick a number of requirements equal to ice:

  • You need access to their computer or mobile device first
  • You have to be on site (e.g. at a bank, secret base, or whatever)
  • You have to get a lead on their real online identity first
  • You need some specialized assets (satellite feeds, tracking devices, etc.) to do the hack
  • You must compromise someone near to the target (e.g. a friend, bodyguard, employee)

If you’ve satisfied the requirements, roll +Superior. On a 10+, you’re in, and can make one major adjustment to their online life or resources - track their location in real-time, drain their bank account, whatever. On a 7-9, choose one: the target becomes aware of the hack, or the GM chooses one additional requirement from the ice list. On a miss, you’re locked out of the system. Expect whatever retribution the authorities, or the target, can bring to bear against you, and soon.


The usual Unleash Your Powers move is fine for typical uses. This move is intended to keep Alex under control against bigger and badder targets, and to give the rest of the team stuff to do if a hack is called for.