Demigods Session 0 - The Tale of the Demigods

Margie is playing Haruki, the Reaper

  • Child of Ebisu (picture)
  • Themes: Shinto, ancestor worship, ties to the past, celebration and death

Dave is playing Damien Fairchild, the Muse

Mike is playing Lex Rhodes (she/her), the Arcane

  • Child of Triglav
  • Themes: sky, earth, underworld, wisdom
  • GM notes: father is triune - gay poly marriage who give advice
  • Golden Eyed Ibex named Goldhorn (he/him) [As a communication device, sometimes known as an iBex]

James is playing Surya Abadi (she/they), the Warrior

  • Child of Enki (picture), grandson of Abzu
  • Themes: family, protection

Doyce is playing Kamaka, the Elemental

  • Child of Rūaumoko
  • earth - air - seasons - volatile stuff
  • mom

The Spindle is a sacred site: Pu’ukohola Heiau

The Binding

  • a volcanic event, not supposed to be happening
  • it endangers the sacred site of Pu’ukohola Heiau
  • Ku makes a power play for land by rolling lava over it
  • Ku as Wreck-It Ralph, who butters up Pele
  • multiple gods called in a favor to help - a group of demigods (the PCs) cooperated
  • Keali’ikau ‘o Ka’u - Hero of the Great Shark War - approves of the Weave
  • The Coco Palms Resort was collateral damage

Haruki (Reaper/Margie):

  • You had a vision of Damien’s death. Describe how, but not where or when
  • You escorted one of Surya’s family members to the afterlife
  • You bartered with another Reaper for Lex’s life and won. How did they die that time? [One of the times Dad wanted him to visit …]
  • You and Damien have thrown some epic parties together
  • Kamaka ignored your premonition and has the scars to prove it [Fiddling with elements other than Earth]
  • You have feelings for X but haven’t made your move yet --> RESERVED FOR LATER

Damien Fairchild (Muse/Dave):

  • Surya would be a hit at parties if they’d just listen to your advice
  • You’ve slept with X but there’s no real emotion there --> RESERVED FOR LATER
  • Haruki knows about that thing you did, that one time
  • Lex’s cynical outlook is exhausting for you
  • You learned about Lex’s crush on someone. Are you encouraging them to follow up on it?
  • Kamaka is your best friend [or thinks he is] and keeps you level when you get full of yourself

Lex Rhodes (Arcane/Mike):

  • Damien doesn’t get what you do, but at least they’re pretty
  • You have a grudging respect for Surya’s skill
  • You fought the supernatural shoulder to shoulder with Kamaka and you trust them explicitly
  • Your pride has kept you from telling Haruki your true feelings
  • Haruki knows the dark secret you keep locked away
  • You accidentally injured Kamaka with your magic but they don’t know it was your fault

Surya Abadi (Warrior/James):

  • Kamaka has real combat experience that you admire
  • You find Damien’s impulsiveness to be off-putting
  • You have a friendly rivalry with Lex, always trying to one-up each other
  • You had a fling with Kamaka after a harrowing battle. Are you hoping for a rematch?
  • You’ve never actually seen Haruki fight. Can you trust them?
  • You feel yourself drawn to Haruki. Why? [Godly parent is a fisherman.]

Kamaka (Elemental/Doyce):

  • You are fascinated by Damien’s charismatic way with people
  • Haruki’s manner is a complete mystery to you
  • You accidentally injured Lex with your element
  • You had a fling with X but were confused when things got complicated afterward
  • You rely on Lex to be your “elemental whisperer”, clarifying for you when you’re not making sense
  • You’ve tussled with Surya and respect their abilities

You folks really made this happen! It looks great. We’ll see where things take us come next Monday.

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Fun stuff, interesting playing with archetypes. I was impressed that everyone (except myself) actually pulled up an interesting non-Classics mythos to work with, let alone our end up in Hawaii.

The one bit in the character creation that felt missing (and it’s not something called out in the rules) is building a concrete feel of who the individual characters are. We talked about the character concepts (again, not really in the QuickStart), but the Tangles felt a bit strained as we tried to calculate who fit into what sort of person (the players helped with that, but even there, I know I don’t have enough of a handle on the character to be sure everything I committed to makes sense).

I’m going to build a relationships map based on the Tangles, which may further clarify things. UPDATE: Map Below

But overall, cool beans, and I definitely look forward to seeing how it works in actual play.


I feel like this coming week might shake that down, but I generally agree, it’s hard to just pull a crew together in the moment. That’s one reason I’m glad I can set up some wiki posts for people to go back and tweak. :smiley:


Bill, everything that happened after you left is in the recording starting… here.

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DG Relationship Map.pdf (46.6 KB)


I sneakily edited it above, but in developing Surya more I’ve decided that Surya’s pronouns are more she/they. Just putting it here so it gets seen. Looking forward to the next session!

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I did see the edit earlier, of course, because I have no life.

Should this be considered retroactive (in the fiction, it was always thus), or would Surya themselves have shifted during their life?

Had not considered that. I will think and get back to you on that.

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Update: It’s retroactive. Thanks for character development patience. In other news I’ve done some design for Enki. It includes big 80s shoulder pads, weird al hair, and hammer pants, or swim trunks if he takes the day off.

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I randomly tweeted this:

But I happened to also look and Ebisu is considered a deaf god. And I’m reminded of this film:

One of the tells from Odd Thomas is that the dead can’t be heard by the main character, though he can see them. I don’t know why these things are coming together, but I thought I’d mention it because it’s interesting to me.

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