Demigods Session 1 - The Tale of the Commission


Damien: Thread for failing Smite
Kamaka: Thread for failing Sway
Haruki: Thread for failing Bend Fate
Surya: Thread for failing Perform Under Pressure

[I don’t think any of these were triggered. Not a lot of rolls.]

Descending Down

Kronos is dying. Astral conjunction. He’ll be in Tartarus for a while. He’s put out a call for folk like us to do something, and we’ve agreed: a fabulous wake! And protection against anyone who would come and mess up the party.

Yeah, it’s all Damien’s fault. He blames his mom.

Small building near the rain forest, a ways up from the beach. Down a series of steps in a small building. Archway, like a greek temple. “The Embassy” of the Greek Pantheon here.

Someone who must be passed – the Sphinx. 15yo, just there barring the way.
“Which of these memes is spiciest?”
We try it.
Haruki: 2d6+2 = 9
Must pay a price: “Like & Subscribe”

Greek temple.

Great grumpy angel – Kronos.

Being attended by semi-immortal servants.

Unusual for a group of demigods like us to be … in a group.
Damien orders some nectar and ambrosia before the servants are shooed away.
Kamaka grabs a whole tray.

A mortal year ago, you lot did rather well. You averted a volcano, and saved a holy site. That is why I hope you can help me today. Descending into the underworld today. Will bring back, as before, fallen gods and goddesses. I sometimes forget, but not this. In my absence, I’ll need someone to look after the family’s substantial real estate holdings. The Kronos Group comes under attack whenever I am gone. I’m subcontracting out – considerable recompense, if you participate. Betray me, and my vengeance will be legendary.

Protecting Olympus from those who would try to invade it. (Metaphorically.)

Eighty years ago, there was an armed robbery on an important holding of the Kronos Group. They had to be killed violently.
The Recession of 1937.

In October, 1937, when Major Nikolaus Ritter arrived in the United States to oversee the formation of a new spy group, he contacted Duquesne who had remained on the Abwehr’s “sleeper” list as a prospective agent, and enlisted him to work actively for the Abwehr.

Not just theft prevention but retribution. Call on the family for support.

Damien: We would be honored beyond words’ ability to express …
Kronos: TRY.
Damien: Yes, great-grandfather.

Is he going to destroy us?
No, he’s going to make us a cautionary tale. That’s far worse.

A song. About. How. Honored children are when their elders. Place. Great expectations and quests. on. Them.

Kamaka provides percussion. 2d6+1 = 8 -> +1
Surya does an interpretive dance. 2d6+1 = 8 -> +1
Haruki gives an amen, brother. 2d6+2 = 5 -> oops

Damien 2d6+2 = 5 -> oops [Though it does count as “Takes the Spotlight” for a Thread]

The room darkens. There are tremors.

Kronos is appeased some by the backup, looks at the ancient temple, then looks back at Damien.

Maybe a little more action, a little less talk.

Damien is struck dumb.

Gestures, opens his hand, and there’s a locket. Gives the locket to Surya.

You’ll know when you can give it back. Now go take care of business and let an old man get back to his dying.

Servitors give us a briefcase of the Kronos Group, holdings, Hawaii HQ.

Exit, Damien being eloquent with gesture and facial expression.

Damien asks for the locket from Surya when they exit the building. Uhhhh … no.

Movin’ On Up

Head off to the Kronos Group HQ.

We have ID badges. There is parking in front. Fresh pizza in the cafeteria (Damien). Haruki creates an Aura of Celebration.

A beautiful woman – Aya. A shapeshifting talking lizard water spirit (Mo’o).

Are you here for the project? … I can provide you with whatever you need – coffee, weapons.

Have fended off a few attacks – mostly financial – but concerns about sabotage, attacks on the corporation.

When he’s in Tartarus, he brings back monsters. Does work with Hollywood and Japanese gaming industry.
In the 1930s, Nazis caused problems. Belief competition.

Figure out who he might be bringing back, and who would oppose that?

Huh, how about those rocket-propelled grenades. Sharks. Whale-women. Dragons. Something all teeth and wings that’s been flying around the city.

Oh, yeah, Kronos moved his operation to Hawaii … because of us.

(We get a tour – security is the best that money can buy.)

Haruki - “What Has Been” on Aya - 2d6+2 -> 8
Aya had a predecessor the last time around.
She really wants us to succeed.

End of game

Thread boosts:

  • Damien: Kamaka is my friend!
  • Kamaka:
  • Haruki: Vision of Damien’s death.
  • Surya:

And some final thoughts …


Very sorry I had to miss this session because it sounded like fun (now to listen to the session audio and find out it was anything but :grin:). Should be able to make next week, but not the following two (due to traveling).


Call it the Power of Coincidence.

Which it must be, since when we were building these characters and I was naming mine I had no idea we’d be in the Hawaiian Islands.

Still, I chose the -ien (vs -ian) spelling of “Damien” as a shout-out to both a horror movie demigod character (Damien Thorn, in The Omen) and because I spent a couple of years at a private Catholic boys school in Southern California, Damien HS (“Home of the Spartans”), named after a Damien De Veuster, a Catholic priest who achieved fame, martyrdom, and (since then) sainthood for his 19th Century ministering to the leper colony …

… on Molokai, one of the Hawaiian Islands.

Again, the Power of Coincidence. As this is a one-shottish campaign, I don’t expect anything further from it, but were we going longer, I’m sure it would have cropped up.

(For the record, the quarantined leper colony on Molokai was closed in the late 1960s, as Hansen’s Disease is now controllable and treatable.)

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I think the person who had the most fun was James, who mercilessly dropped memes on the whole party, mostly Damien.

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To be fair, since he was keyboard-only from the airport, he didn’t have to do a lot of voice discussion or note-taking.

That said, I was astounded by how quickly he was throwing them out (many of the hand-crafted for the game, and most of them quite chuckle-worthy, hence their inclusion in the log).

And that said, I sure had fun.


It’s a generational thing. Rapid fire, weapons-grade memes are just a thing we do.



“Kids these days! Back in my day, we had to think up witty bon mots without the aid of GIFs and JPegs!”

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