Demigods Session 3 - The Tale of the Beach Wake

Before We Start

Do your characters sleep:
Doyce/Kamaka - naps in a hammock.
Margie/Haruki - ancestors nag or interrupt
Dave/Damien - energized by late night music jam sessions
James/Surya - some sleep; light sleeper, tough with people around.

Suyra - she/they

Evisu, Haruki’s parent, the laughing god but also, sometimes, deaf.
Mother is sort of a Persephone character.

Damien - win if fail Perform Under Pressure (mettle)
Kamaka - win if fail Pierce the Veil (judgement)
Haruki - win if fail Perform Under Pressure (mettle)
Surya - win if fail Pierce the Veil (judgement)

The Wake

Kronos Corp having a wake. Pantheons. Partying. Liquor. Schmoozing.

Private Island.

Niihau does have a USN early warning station and do commando work.

There are also feral sheep.

Haruki pulling in the island contract.

Damien - will bring in some musical talent. And the catering, I’m sure, will work out. And themed entertainment.

Luau. All you can eat buffet (perfect for Kronos!)

Kamaka - geographical landscaping.

Surya - Helping Kamaka with muscle, also making sure that everyone stays on target idea-wise.

Damien - Hey … Shakira and J. Lo did a great job at the Super Bowl halftime.
How about Lava? Cooking with, fireworks, etc. Damien would rather do a small party, something intimate, but Kronis is The Titan, and would want something spectacular.

Kamaka - lava?
Damien gives word picture - 2d6+1 -> 9! (and doubles)
Kamaka - 2d6+1 -> 10!
One boon - have a favor out there for someone.
One bane - something bad finds him.
In his element. ( --> mastery of a second element)

Surya - braziers and sacrificial stuff.

Damien will help with food and drink Haruki is pulling together.
Haruki helping - godly epicurean delights. Provide Aid, I in Team. 2d6+2 -> 8!
Damien Bend Fate 2d6+2+2 -> crank it to 12!
And … no violence.

Gods few and far between, but lots of servants, mortals, avatars, etc.

Damien - Hey. Family. Awkward. How do you deal?
Surya - grew up with a lot of siblings. They may be old fashioned, but you listen to their stories.
Flow with it. Muse is used to pushing. Going for the center. Sometimes step to the side and listen and nod.
Damien - you can be my muse! how do I deal with my mom? she keeps looking at me and shaking her head.
Surya - Yeah. Try to avoid my heavenly parent.

Enki - Personal disco ball jacket and swim trunks and puka shells and Weird Al hair. (The Awkward Adult Who Is Not Cool) (Bernie Sanders / Doc Brown)

Not many gods here. Most are just watching, remotely or through their avatars.

Enki is giving out business cards. Origami, that turn into devices. Wheels. Finger guns Surya and rushes over all excited.
This is great! Creative and alive and bursting with possibilities! Introduce me! Let me into your life.

Introed to Damien.

Damien intros to Kamaka.

The gods aren’t necessarily bigger, but they are more metaphysically REAL (color in a black and white film).
The visual equivalent of a reverb in the sound track.

Kamaka - big platter of food for Enki.
Enki - starts telling a creation story. Divines - volcanic islands coming out of the ocean.
Kamaka slowly nodding.
So what do you think about Surya?

K - Really amazing. Fought a couple of times. Been in some touch situations. Took out some undead with potato chips. Ridiculous in a great way.
E - Have you heard about the birds and bees. No, not environmentally, sex. If you ever see a swarm of bees or a flock of birds, and they want to have sex with you, it’s probably Zeus.

Damien - He’s not wrong.

E - What should I do about making Surya feel better about themselves and being my kid?

Damien: “Drop the act and just hug her.”

K - Pierce the Veil -> 7!

  • Why did this god ask me for personal parenting advice? Enki is god of wisdom; wisdom consists of knowing you know nothing. Counting on her friends to be friends to her.
  • How do I get him to slap me on the back and go away?
    … If my dad showed up to this, he would screw everything up. So … tell her, instead of everyone here … maybe just give her a hug. Trust your instincts.
    E - Secret about parenting. Parents always gotta be a little embarrassing, so they can feel better themselves. So parents have to slide into that role of being an icon of mockery.

    [does pass by Surya, invites to drop by, maybe I’m a bit embarrassing, but let’s talk some. and, hey, I’m really proud of you.]

As soon as Enki leaves, S turns to D and go, "I’m used to that. That’s how I can handle all of this. [EPIC]

Damien’s Toast to Kronos
Son of sky and earth … so, ocean, yeah. but wait for it.
He’s a man’s man, the progenitor of the gods of my pantheon. And, yeah, he’s got balls, and not just his, but his dad’s, y’knowwhatImean?
He was a hard god, powerful and old. And you might like him, you might not, but you can never forget him. And that’s important, because as we all know, you can’t keep a good god down.
But, hey, we have this ocean here. But beneath is is the Earth, above it the sky. So raise your glass, and Kanaka let’s see some fireworks to mix it up!

Kanaka - Provide Aid -> 8!
Haruki - Lust for Life! - Confetti from cannon around the party. Kamaka throwing magnesium over the hilltop. Gift, heal 2 harm! Sway! -> 11!

Even the people who were not thrilled about Kronos pick up their party favors. So they all feel better about him, despite themselves.

Haruki - to Kamaka, appreciating his work for the party. Kamaka is chitchatting, but keeping an eye on the volcanic eruption.

H - Life and death are part of the same coin. Comforting people. Party favors to help people feel good about it.
K - outdoors, animals, nature, make sense. People do not make sense.
Understanding about death. People get sad or angry.

Damien - as the evening winds down, sets up a party within a party, with some music, some drink and smoke or not. All invited, but a chance to be mellow.
Haruki invites the Kronos Corp rep.
Sphinx, too, who’s been tweeting memes.
Anansi’s rep, female, favorite daughter, telling stories about Kronos.

Abena Tweneboa. A bit of friendly competition with Damien.
Extend the sense of the night, so that it goes on for days, because everyone is having such a good time.
Damien would definitely make a run at her.

End of Game Stuff

Do next time!


I think it should be Ebisu. But props on going back and changing the other sessions to “The Tale of…”


@doyce I dunno if it’s still processing but I heard no audio as I skimmed through the video.

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Upside: I changed the title format for all the adventures.

Downside: I realized there may have been a misnumbering, as I don’t see a Demigods Session 2. So I need to fix that. :crazy_face:


What’s up with my characters and having weird as hell dads?

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Play what you know.

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By the way, I fell in love with “Crack in the World” as a youth, and I still consider it fabulous disaster porn with a weird English accent. Highly recommended as MST3Kish entertainment.

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I am, frankly, baffled.


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It sounded like everyone had a lot of fun, and I hope I didn’t eat too much screen time as Enki, so that people could get the breather they wanted.

I’ve got maybe one more session worth of shenanigans in mind, but can do unplanned shenanigans until Mike is back and we’re ready to resume Fellowship.


I for one was happy with the distribution, but I also had Enki on screen a lot.
I will say your portrayal of Enki was everything I had envisioned and more, so thank you for that. I was loving it the entire time.

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