Demigods Session 4 - The Tale of the Date Night

End of Session

Thread boosts

  • Damien adds to their Surya tangle (life of the party!).
  • Haruki adds to their Kamaka tangle.
  • Surya adds to their Damien tangle (impulsiveness).

Beginning of Session

  • Damien will [per Surya] get a Thread if they fail Awe (Sway)
  • Haruki will [per Damien] get a Thread if they fail Wyrd (Bend Fate)
  • Surya will [per Hiruki] get a Thread if they fail Mettle (Perform Under Pressure)
  • Lex will [per Surya] get a Thread if they fail Prowess (Smite Enemies)

Moving Forward

Post-Wake, several days.

Lex - At the wake … there but silent, mostly because acting as fathers’ intermediary / avatar. Interacting with emissaries, messengers, reps who were there.
In one case, had to apologize to someone who dads had yelled with. Got back sympathy.

Haruki - Taking care of ancestral duties, spending time in Hawaii and Japan cleaning family shrines, talking to ancestors, being given orders.

They’re worried about Haruki interacting with other gods, etc., but appreciate the big wake/party.

Damien - Sway Abena to stick around.
I Woke Up Like This, so roll with Divine Favor.
2d6+2 … 3+3 + 2 = 8! (okay, but at a price)
Sure. We’ll each bring someone to a double date.

Surya - Trying to get a handle on how Kronos Inc. works.
Their new building is offices … for movie production, game companies, any sort of big media / mass communication, to get old gods back into circulation again.
Disruption of the building will disrupt those busiunesses.
Surya’s checking out the security. Pierce the Veil … 7! (doubles)
Aya says … there’s a cache of physical weapons / defense. Kind of surprised nobody’s tried to bomb the building. Next attack likely physical.
Sources confirm.

  • Are they (Kronos Korp) holding anything back? – No, because contacts also seem nervous about having to tell you stuff.

Surya lets the Weave know … “something big seems to be happening”.

Damien calls Lex - invites to double date. Will pick her up at the Kronos Korp.

Haruki coming back from Japan.

Damien & Lex

Lex casts some rituals at the Kronos Korp. How is she dressed? Going super-impressive dress.

Bending Fate.
-> 4! (doubles)
1 bane. (Something Bad Finds Me)
A dress. A third of a dress. It will pass.
Protective rituals. -> 7! 1 effect, 1 cost.
Baffling around the entrances. Mental harm. (It’s the spellcasting that throws the dress out of balance.)

Damien in bespoke Hawaiian / beachcomber outfit that’s in Lex’s colors. Really nice but not looking like a rich haole.


Call for Uber, Sphinx is my driver.

It’s beautiful there. As is Abena, who has … presence.

Her date … like Isaiah Mustafa, only 8 times more manly, all the Old Spice Guys combined.

His name is Sean. With a very deep and manly voice.

Head to the table.
Damien rolls Grievous Harm -> 7! doubles!
Slips on ice cube! Right toward table full of apps and brightly colored drinks …
Abeya catches!
Let’s see if it’s the last time tonight.
Lex, too -> 10!
Herald gets a Hard move. Divine Intellect goes dim .

Haruki & Surya

Back at the Kronos HQ … Haruki at Surya.
Security alert on the perimeter!
People doing magical circles, etc. Security is looking to them.
Haruki Pierce the Veil -> 8!

  • Greatest Danger? That the ritual will put people inside the building without going through the warded entrances. Beneath veil, humanoid sharks with tactical gear. 8 - 2 casters, 6 infantry.

Lex … does not get a text that Haruki thinks he sent. There is interference.

Coming through into a basement level, game design company for some sort of Underworld game, providing a portal.

Gear up sequence!

First things through … flash-bang grenades!

Perform Under Pressure:
Surya -> 4! (but, hey, that gets a victory!) - STUN … interposes in front of …
Haruki -> 10!

3 tactical sharks. They meet Haruki’s gaze and freeze.

3 stunned sharks, 1 stunned warrior.
Haruki - throw the grenades back through the portal.
Smite Enemies -> 6!
More figures through … grenades went off behind them. They can’t shoot through their people, but they can grab Surya and drag back through as a hostage.

Haruki - provide aid to Surya … Awe … 11! So +2 for Surya’s roll. (And Surya gets a thread)
Surya - stumble through gateway into the outside alleyway. 3 tac sharks, ready to charge through, but flashbanged. 2 more sharks maintaining the ritual.

Smite -> 10!

Take something - break up the ritual
Gain an advantageous position
Protect Self
Take 1 Harm (except, no, epic shield!), they go down, ritual stopped.
Race forward on heelies, hip checkign them into oblivion.

Surya hears an explosion.
Haruki feels something rock the building.
Bomb on the exterior.

Damien & Lex

At the restaurant …
… hear a distant explosion. They know something is up.

Abena smiles. “I was hoping to distract you longer.”

End of Session

Haruki - Surya Tangle +
Surya - Tangle with Haruki +
Damien - Lex’s cynical attitude
Lex - Damien’s cluelessness and prettiness.


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