Earl Baxter

“Runnin? Runnin’ ain’t a plan - runnin’s what you do when a plan fails.”

Earl has seen some shit.

Mostly, it’s things no one’ll believe.

Some fella everyone in the colony said had died back when the gates stopped working, except he was up and around and trying to bleed off some nice young ladies for immortality or some such thing…

Face-eatin’, featherless chicken things the size of a dog that JUST HAPPENED to overrun Petromaya refinery right when the ship he was working on had set down for a delivery/pickup…

That time he had to get a local governor out of a penal facility the size of a damn city after the power went out…

Damn graboid-looking worm thingies that came up out of the ground on that dustball Perfection-8 while he was stuck dirtside doing odd jobs…

Earl has a theory.

And that theory is: whenever he stays in any one place for too long, bad shit happens. So he’d best stay moving.

He’s good with his hands, can cobble together damn near anything as long as you don’t need it to work for too long, has kind of a knack for sorting out old tech, and definitely does NOT want to settle down.

The CCC is perfect for him.


Edge: 3 (it’s all in the reflexes)
Heart: 2
Iron: 1
Stealth: 1
Wits: 2

Assets of Scavenger, Voidborn (he isn’t, technically, but he gets real nervous when he’s planetside, and is always more at ease in a ship that’s going … somewhere), and Overseer module. Art to come if I can talk Kaylee into it.

I might go with Loyalist instead of Voidborn if no one else takes it - I like him being a good wingman for everyone else.

Earl has seen some shit.

It may have… affected him.