"Fast Buck" Episode 04 - Bugs, Mr. Rico

Creeping away from Warren, the moon over the gas giant Aleph.

Time for Downtime!
(We didn’t get paid … or did we?)

Downtime Mechanics!

PAYOFF (zilch).

UPKEEP (1c to keep the ship happy)

Armin - no
Monster - yes
Drifter - abstain
Seon - not sure
Kei - if the ship moves, we can make money, so yes.

So … upkeep!

We were smooth, but there was a body in the booth.

3 heat


  • 51st Legion status drops to -1. The people who sent them will be unhappy with them.
  • Cult of the Seekers +1. They don’t know yet who was involved in this thing, but whoever has this artifact and kept it from the Legion, they like those people.


No levels. Yet.


Go to … our bartender friend.
Iota - Indri (industrial planet)

Might want to contact Citani, the reclusive info broker, who set up the job to pick up the case.

2! [Way Creatures]

What to do, what to do …

2 free activities

  • acquire assets
  • craft
  • indulge vice
  • lay low / waiting
  • long-term project
  • recover
  • repairing
  • training

Monster - training - Prowess - toward Skulk (worried about Aya)

Armin - training - on the call before we jump, setting up accounts for trade.

Drifter - training - Prowess - ship propulsion tech, RGB mixture ratio. reading forum postings - +Helm

2 pts upgrade, Prowess and Personal

Seon - training - Insight … going through journals (experiences) from past patients. (basic Stitch ability)

Kei - indulging in vice of poking the Way / Aleph Key. Not quite attuning, but understanding the flow of energies around the item. (His Holy Grail is to find that Dead Sea Scroll to unlock the bridge to the past.)

Controlled. Standard.


With all these people doing things … a weird, glowing bug crawling out of the console, changing colors to match the LEDs. Seon walking past a niche, and Monster smiles and steps out … and more bugs behind him. Seon picks up a book, and bugs underneath. Armin pacing in the comm room, pulling back, and they’re outside the doorway.

All moving … toward the galley. Kei sitting at the table, artifact in front of her, eyes closed and meditating, as the bugs creep forward …
Attune 6! Catching the flow …

Could ask a question/insight … or deal with the bugs?
Yeah, question.
What is unique about the artifact, so that others could be located?

Come out of it … way roaches lining the ceilings and walls.
And the ship jumps through the gate …

… and the bugs all brighten up.
And the lights on the ship go out.

Drifter is trying not to panic.

Seon is in an escape pod.
Monster is creeping toward the galley, from the rear.
Armin is expecting to lose comms, but not for everything to go dark.

Oh, there is Kei, groggy, in the galley, the artifact before her, with bugs all over the walls.
Monster puts the artifact BACK IN THE CASE.
Kei … how they deal with them on archaeological digs.

Some fumes/smoke minor toxicity.

… cut to …

… we’re all crammed in the core room forward of the galley.

Armin: there must be people to solve this problem.
Drifter: call for help on other end.
Monster: no, do not want to eat way creatures …

Sway! Armin.
Devil’s bargain - But spacer guilds note that you’ve got artifacts … and there’s that one faction.
Kei assists.
works, but rumors get around …

They come by … do something … we can watch the bugs exiting the hull (!). Heading away from the gate.

Monster is holding onto the case. Who is going to take it from him?



These are some of the best gifs so far

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I was pretty happy, save for not being able to find a really good GIF of the Lost in Space movie spider-bug attack.

Spider vs. spaceship you say?

Maybe I’ll make one.

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Okay, a better one through a different tool.

(Watching videos around this reminded me of how much I loved particular aspects of this movie, most of all Gary Oldman’s Doctor Smith [as Doyce well knows].)

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