"Fast Buck" Episode 05 - "Horton's, Here's a Crew"

The Bar

At “Horton’s” [credit: James] – Barkeep Alor, who runs the place.

“Horton’s: We are Here!”
“Horton’s: Who’s here? You’re here!”
“Horton’s: We take humans and xenos of all sizes – a customer’s a customer, no matter how small!”

(Credit to Bill for the alternate “Zut Alor’s”)

Mostly one level. No live music. They do drinks. Occasional food. A raised area at the back with a railing. Floor is smooth concrete, tilting toward drains. Exposed piping above. No fancy lighting. Lights along the walls – panels made to look like windows, letting in diffused light. No Zima signs.

Foyer with bouncer, coat check – except sort of an air lock and decontamination chamber.

Weapons are allowed. So no weapons check.

Glass panels around the bar with occasional sportsball, or talking heads / news with ticker/chyron.

  • “Church of the Stellar Flame decries rise of unsanctioned cults and unauthorized unearthing of dangerous artifacts throughout sector … calls from their members to increase policing of these areas.”
  • “Cult of Engineers blame Berniko syndicate for rise in crime on station”
  • “House Malkaith on Warren will be receiving visitors from coreward. Count Iraam will be negotiating … is there a link to the increase in Legion activity on Warren? Are the Warren police/militia not up to the task?”
  • “Suneaters announce progress in being able to form own gates.”
  • “Ashen Knives thought to be planning assassinations …”
  • “Turner Society planning labor strikes … local upstanding sector businessfolk blame criminal syndicates …”
  • “Ghosts sighted in Brek”
  • “Delays in shipping from Holt … Holt Gate pointed briefly to a different system 1.5 standards ago a short time ago. Several shipping services boycotting Holt until Star Smiths can guarantee safety”

Kei does the math … was that when she was playing with the Aleph Key?

Down Time

Drifter - Fixing the bar pool table. Then hustling. … 3, reducing 4 Stress to 1.
Rig - controlled, limited -> 6! Huh, cycling the power really helps.

Monster - flavor junkie. But only 1 stress, so will eat some of the fried food. With a jar of bloody mary mix and sriracha sauce over bar peanuts.
A little antsy. Not seeming the same kind of joy in eating bad food and wading into brief bar brawls. He left the artifact case back on the ship, but made certain the ship was locked and made it clear he expected to still find it there when they get back.

Seon - trying not to watch Monster eat. Instead watching Drifter. His activism is private, not group-focused.
Drinks something plain. Nothing rich. Cheap beer.
Long-term project: proper research / medlab equipment. Lynnie, nurse friend. Working at a hospital with a dedicated outreach.
Consort +1d -> 4! (clock forward 2)
“I don’t have anything right now, but I’ll keep an eye out and let you know.”
Keep in touch …

Kei - Shmoozing and hobnobbing. Getting other people to buy drinks.
Long-term project: Researching the aleph key. Study -> 3!
Figuring out fringe study ideas.
And maybe some help from Driftter (related to the Dark Ways.)

Armin - (side vignette) Having dinner with his ex-wife. Space elevator halfway up to the restaurant – the Demi-monde. Actually, left her at the altar when he end under.
Samara, a Noble of the House of Arryn. She descends to him, and is waiting when he gets there. There with her friend/entourage, Carmen – assumes a parade rest bodyguard pose as he approaches. Looks daggers. Samara is more clearly civil. “Never imagined you were dead, Armin – I have great faith in your ability to do well with the assets you are given or lay hands on. Please. Sit.”
Tells about his new shipping concern. “So is this some sort of business proposal?”
“Appreciate knowing you’re alive … and I don’t want to close down all connections with you … I enjoy your company …”
Carmen snorts one time too many, and is asked to keep watch from further away.
“… are you trying to start again?”
“Six months ago, my life got torn apart … just trying to get things back to where they were.”
CONSORT: Risky, Standard. -> 6!
We can’t go back to the way we were … you’re not what you were. … For now, a nice dinner, some pleasant conversation.
INDULGE VICE: 6 stress, roll 1.
Asks her to [something backdated something a week or so back to reduce heat?]
“Are you going to be a pirate? Because that would be very dashing.”
Carmen absents herself.

Alor: It’s a tell for Drifter being in trouble if he’s not hustling (because the adrenaline level has been met).
Alor - having a hard time reading the people in the room. (And he’s a former mystic.) How’s the crew, how are thigns going along?
D - Great, everyone’s working hard, getting along great.
A - Really? Everybody? [Armin?] Know you’re always welcome here. Always more interesting when you lot are around. Heard a few things the past few days … how long around?
D - Until we have a reason to ship out.
A - If you’re looking for work, might be able to stir something up.
D - That’s great, hoping more things break down around here.
A - Ugh. Window seals.

So what now?

Armin returns.
Semi-private room in back. Supply room in the back with a table set up for cards.
“We’re getting off-planet and selling that thing.”
Target on our back?
So what’s different?
Then we need to get a job.

Kei - all that shmoozing … looking for a decent, low-risk job. Good news, two jobs. Bad news, living cargo. One that can talk, and one that can’t. The former is a cult who have a holy person to carry …

… which all seems pretty vague …


  • 1 XP to Ship for beliefs, drives, etc.


  • 2 XP beliefs, drives.


  • 1 XP beliefs, drives, etc.
    … picking up “I know a guy”


  • 2 XP beliefs, drives


  • 1 XP beliefs, drives.
    ***> Add a vice (fighting-related); go to another bar to blow off steam?


  • 2 XP beliefs, drives, background

And fixed.

Anyway, wonderful game last night. Can’t wait for the next game in two weeks. (I’m just going to call that we’re never going to go on that particular business trip considering it’d be pushed back since… November(?) of last year.)

Did I break something?

No, I had a note there but I must have deleted it when I updated my comment.

I’d forgotten up update my stash at the end of downtime (due to Armin’s new special ability).

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Okay, I know it’s ostensibly self-aggrandizing, but I do love that “WTF HOLT GATE?” news feed.

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