"Fast Buck" Episode 13 - Under the Sea!

Under the sea
Under the sea
Darling it’s better
Down where it’s wetter
Take it from me
Up on the shore they work all day
Out in the sun they slave away
While we devotin’
Full time to floatin’
Under the sea


Armin is sitting on a chair on the ship, pulling up a list of upgrades. Comments by passersby causing him to recalculate. Over and over.

1 cred short of a crew upgrade to 1. We can (a) neglect upkeep, or (b) take out a loan. We go from krill to small fish.

(The Wreckers roll 3,5 toward their own goals.)

Everyone getting back to the ship, having both worked with and against the Wreckers.

Frim is with us, slightly damaged.

Hmmm. Mem, the Ocean Planet, in Holt. Frim is very happy about this before he passes out.
[Freestanding gravity wells beneath the waves. Indigenes, beaten by Hegemony.]

Fortune Dice --> 2! Nothing significant from skipping maintenance.

Meshkilarn, the Wrecker contact / mechanic: come on back, we’ll have a profitable, complicated job.


Indulge Vice - Decadence … little drinks with tiny umbrellas. --> 5,6
Recover - simple action
Reducing Heat --> 2
Placing the claim on Sonhandra … planting a flag in passing that needs to stay hidden --> 1,4

Recover (blaster graze, bump) - resting on a deck chair. With pina coladas. And wearing a straw hat.
Long Term Project - Learn the Star Breakers Motive.
Indulge Vice: checking out Memmish temples. (“Why did you think such a good idea?” Frim smirks, “If you go looking, the answer will present itself.”) --> 6!

Doctor roll on Crazy Frim --> 3,2
Training up Insight … using Crazy Frim as a lab experiment.
Work on his medical systems long-term project … Study --> 3 (moves clock 1). Learning about paralytic puffer fish.

Indulge: sports betting. Fish school shepherding with Attunement rolls. Or races, with underwater craft like on Naboo. --> 1,4

Learning to fish (Prowess Training AND fascinating tastes!) --> 1,5

Big fish. But … tastes kind of bland. So not all that relaxing.

And now some story!

Kei … hitting a watering hole to learn about stuff. Ironically, not a Memmish person. Drunk third-year student ranting about real Memmish culture … go to the temple, then under the water line, in the basement. Hire someone who isn’t all dressed up saying you want to want to see something special.

The ship is floating near one of the floating sea cities. Accessible via water rickshaw.

Were any of Monster’s places to research here on Mem?
Several generically interesting spots … plus one that’s both a really good lead and utterly useless: the fabulous Lost Underwater City of Keyopolis.
And Kei is looking to bring along Monster because he has the Aleph Key.
Armin does not seem to think this is a good idea.
Places where there are not surface cities.
Kei looks for a legit Memmish guide. Monster assists. Sway --> 5,1,6
Kei shows him the map. “Well, this day just got very interesting.”

And off we go!

A few hours later … he’s trying to get to some uninhabited shallows, drop-off into a deep trench.

… wait, this is a job.

Frim as a contact who can help.
Major artifact.
3 dice on a roll. Fortune --> 4,2,5
Risky position for Seon’s roll (Doctor monitoring while Kei and Monster activate the key)
Monster … Devil’s Bargain, start a clock for awakening something in the deep. Attune --> 4,3

Kei … pushing self + Gambit … Attune --> 3,5,4,2
Seon … Study, Gambit --> 3,5
No failures!

Seon: get a really good location about where to go.
Monster and Kei: In game, in character, awareness of there is TWO TICKS LEFT ON THE “AWAKENING THE DEEP” CLOCK. Monster and Kei stare at each other.

Pilot (“Quarrel”) is yeah, we’re not going there. Because nothing comes back.

Kei - Sway … Gambit --> 5,1,5
Yeah, he’s convinced. But he will tell tales. + Heat.

Heads along the rim of the vasty deeps. Where the edge is more built up and craggy …
Seon … really different sonar reading. Now the rocks don’t show up on the sonar. A huge object does. A cubic city block in size.

“So … maybe we should call Armin and Drifter.”
“Armin’s not going to like this.”

End of Game XPpalooza!

Goals, drives, inner conflict …

Express beliefs

Charm and audacity
Beliefs and drives

Beliefs … bring along the case.

[Dave got distracted]

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So John Harper mentioned something about Blades in the Dark reddit and thought, “huh, I never heard of that rule before, let’s see if Scum & Villainy has an equivalent.” Sure enough on pg. 52 on the next paragraph after crew advancement, they have this:

So apparently Armin’s been dealing with a non-Counting Guild affiliated bank to handle everyone’s paychecks, so they’ve been held up for the past couple of months (damn Counter, filing injunctions every couple of weeks to try and disrupt non-Guild businesses). But never fear, as soon as the rest of the crew returns from their underseas adventure, he’ll be waiting with back pay for everyone. (Which should be 5 stash for everyone, unless I’m missing a third crew advance somewhere.)

Funny enough, this finally puts Armin up to a Meager lifestyle. Soon he might actually be able to afford lodgings that aren’t in the comms room.

For a game about free living independent scoundrels, there sure are a lot of rules to follow :wink:

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