FitV Dice Probabilities

I’m a nerd. I like knowing what dice pools really mean in “forged in the dark” mechanics.

So… I like this.


Blades in the Dark Probabilities

Pool Size Critical Success Compromised Failure
0 0% 3% 22% 75%
1 0% 17% 33% 50%
2 3% 28% 44% 25%
3 7% 35% 45% 13%
4 13% 39% 42% 6%
5 20% 40% 37% 3%
6 26% 40% 32% 2%

For those that prefer a graphical representation:Graphical representation of the above table

Or if you prefer a FASERIP style chart

Graphical representation of the above table

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I like the last best, as it seems usually the cumulative “I can do this at all without failure” or even the cumulative “I can succeed or even succeed well” odds are important.

Having read through the lengthy mechanics section in front of the rules, it seems in reading just a bit fiddly to me – lots of options, chances, factors, mitigators, consequences, etc. I suspect, though, much of that perception will disappear once we rolling and used to it and don’t have to think about it.