Forged in the Dork

Let’s test out some technology!

You ever try to GM a game, but your pitch goes sideways…?

Character creation.

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Messing with the GM is a dicey proposition.

So many LOLs here.

And, as GM, Alycia has entire memorized files of her father’s escapades – raiding biowarfare labs, overthrowing governments, developing defeating giant monsters, exfiltrating from plots that went bad – to draw from for scenarios. As long as she sufficiently scrubs the serial numbers off of Byron Quill “The Great Adversary.”

True story: the “Ultra Fast Pony” abridged series for MLP:FIM casts the Apple family as Irish mobsters.

Don’t mess with the MLP community either. There’s a Pony Creator. Blue Steel’s “pony code” is 413L2B2000937D72FED09E0010100BB96UN1837203000000201E0ECCFF7FFF05107F3FCC004CB2, so you can make him too if you want.

“Nice dissolve!”


The real reason Alycia gets into this game.

Yeah, she’s the sort of GMs who has all the pole arms memorized and can sketch each one.

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Fandom is contagious.

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We won’t make a Pony out of Alycia at this rate, but she’s not wrong. Possibly more BITD/S&V related comics in the future.


This is precious.