Game Pitch: Henshin

I’ll confess I’m almost considering HENSHIN for my list of 7, just because there’s five players and it looks like a neat diceless mechanic.

That said, I know (KNOW) I can’t properly run that genre with Bill and Mike playing - I simply do not have the necessary genre exposure. :blush:

I mean, we’re happy to help out there, but I don’t know if you have time in your life to sit down and consume it all. :slight_smile:

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I mean almost every season of Power Rangers is on Netflix; I can even point you at the good ones. (Did you know there’s a season built around the idea that Skynet from Terminator won and humans are now the Resistance? It’s probably one of the top three seasons.)

And really, it’s just about the same as any shonen series: two (or more) very passionate people yell at each other until a fight breaks out and they punch one another until one stops being evil. Is that very simplified? Yes. But it accurately describes everything from Super Sentai to One Piece to the Yakuza video game series.


Actually kind of sounds like Summer and Alycia … :laughing:

(Except the punches are emotional.)

This is a video I got to see awhile back that does a good job highlighting the typical action of a super sentai show.

The genre is about teamwork and determination, but there’s a lot of continuity and legacy going on too. Senior or retired figures (parents, mentors, whatever) show up to help the rangers out, the new generation has to prove itself, and the mantle of each color carries some kind of expectation with it.

DekaMaster (“Shadow Ranger” in the American version) goes to town on a hundred mooks. This was the first episode where you actually got to see the team’s mentor really open up, so it was a great fight, but the on-screen countdown of mooks remaining sold it for me.

I realized today that the Lego Ninjago stuff is all totally this kind of thing. The color coding/relationships/powers follows a typical the patterns. Might give me an in for playing this with my kids.

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That doesn’t surprise me a bit. And yeah, the genre is there for kids, yours ought to have fun with it, we weirdo adults just get to enjoy it too. :smiley:

They even put on live shows for kids.