Game Pitch: Ironwall

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Post-apocalyptic survival/scarcity drama

Elements of The Postman (book), Hellboy II, Blade, I am Legend (movie), Matrix (movies), Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (comic), The World Without Us.

Makeup and faerie character design by the same crew as Pan’s Labyrinth.

SETTING: Semi-near future, in which society has collapsed in the face of the return of Faerie (and a very angry Fae to boot), overrunning the world in aggressively accelerated fecundity. Protagonists are survivors who live in a semi-agrarian settlement within the ruins of a major city with some natural borders (Manhattan is easy - I’m sure there are others) - the iron in the city keeps them somewhat safe from the Fae.

CONCEPT: We follow the survivors as they try to to maintain the settlement and deal with the fae and the Maelstrom that overran humanity.