Game Pitch: Sepiaverse Academy

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This brings in a localized darker tone, high school action, and a limited time-shift.

Imagine that Jason got his act together, Leo got his dimensional physics stuff sorted, and the two cooperated on their long-rumored Sepiaverse Rescue Mission. We’ve got a portal, we’re escorting people out of that shithole dimension, setting up outposts and supply stations over there until the work is done, and so on. The Vyortovians are helping, but in the same way the Saudis are a US ally. And the PCs are being trained for the work. They might not be over there full-time, though there will be plenty of missions that require it, and there’s plenty to do on this side. In the meantime, they still need to graduate, get dates, and meet up for all the social activities that help them stay sane and balanced against the awfulness of the Sepiaverse - and high school itself.

More focused on mission. More serious.


  • Masks again!
  • Guest roles for our current PCs (and NPCs). Or, perhaps, their Sepia!gangers in some cases. Also, the comedic stylings of Byron and Achilles.


  • Bleak?
  • Masks again? (I can see some folk reacting that way.)

There’s bleakness but it’s intentionally in a box. There’s a world that desperately needs saving, but there’s another (mostly) functional world where things are okay, and the PCs are explicitly not on the hook for absolutely everything. I’m hoping that’s enough to keep it from getting too grimdark.

And based on comments from our Concordance friends in the last session, it might start with people taking a few spare keynomes from “our” Earth over there.