Game Pitch: World Wide Wrestling

Making a note here the World Wide Wrestling is on the seven games shortlist I think. I think impulse Drive is out, and I’m trying to decide if having scum and villainy in its own slot is enough to let me drop blades in the dark for something else…

Need to look at www and see if there’s a Playbook there that would appeal to Mike and preferences as mentioned above… :slight_smile:


Yeah, this isn’t something that get brought up a lot but a little over a decade ago I trained for about a year to be a professional wrestler before health complications made that unfeasible. I’m very familiar with the subject matter.


I can see arguments for this to be vote for or vehemently against the game.

I haven’t actually read the game yet so it very well could be great. The worst thing I could say is that this is probably the subject I am most embarrassed to get super nerdy about. Movies? No. Books? No. Superhero comics? No. Japanese television shows involving spandex, rubber monster suits, and weird sparks that shoot out of everything? No. Professional wrestling? Yes.

Please take this the right way, but I not only laughed heartily over this, but so did Margie when I read it aloud to her. All laughter in a very “I sympathize so badly” sort of way.

I am obliged to say that I would not want to play this if it would make you uncomfortable, Mike, but it really makes me want to play it with you all the more if that’s not the case. Just saying.

Man, what is with you guys and all being supportive, caring people. This isn’t normal. :wink:

Honestly, if it gets picked I’ll play it and I’ll give it the same earnest effort I’d give anything. I just might also start doing Randy Savage impressions and start referencing things that make no sense to anyone (if anyone else knows what the Finger Poke of Doom is, my hat’s off to you).

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I didn’t, but Google Is My Friend, and there’s plenty out there on it. :rofl:

" You’re interested in marigolds," Summer points out gently. “Whether your friends are or not, they’re interested in your interest. It shows a side of you they don’t get to see.”

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I have some of the Santo movies on my shelf, and loved the “Del Duque” reference that GURPS Martial Arts made to him. And in 2011, in a World of Warcraft game my then-roommate ran, I got to introduce an NPC, “Captain Boltloose, the Blue Demon of Bilgewater”, and his dim hobgoblin partner, Santoaf, who ended up recruiting my then-PC for the Inter-Cartel Oafageddon Wrestling matches (which she won, due to general goblin tricksiness). It was fun all around.

And all that aside, you guys have put up with my giant robot and neuroscience nuttery for a year. If nothing else, I’d support whatever people liked to repay that. :smiley:

Looks like I’m going to have to get this game just to see how it handles a genre where intense burn victims go on to become mayors, people get into life threatening feuds over jackets and clipboards, questionable math occurs, and occasionally impromptu games of Duck, Duck, Goose happen.

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So I bought the books ($15 bundle on DriveThruRPG isn’t a bad price, plus two Pay What You Want books on their site) and skimmed through them. So far, this seems like a game where the writers were really familiar with the source material and distilled it down into something really nice. I haven’t read enough to form an opinion, but when there’s a section explaining how technicos and rudos are different from your standard babyface and heel roles, you know the writers know what they are talking about.

It’s a very intriguing game. Very much behind the scenes and the sort of real-life drama that goes on there.

I don’t know how accurate any of this really is, but this page was one of the best overviews I ever read.

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Seems accurate, though they are definitely pushing for more business savvy booking decisions than I’ve seen in a lot of places. Don’t know how helpful this sort of info is to a game like WWW though.

It’s useful to me for two reasons, as a glossary of terms to know from the industry, and a collection of real-world stories. It’s like reading Tolkien to prepare for a Fellowship type game, if Frodo, Sam, Merry, and Pippin were members of New Shire Order, Legolas vs. Gimli was the comedy booking, and Boromir going heel was something every fan saw coming early on.

That is a good point I hadn’t thought about. My biggest blind spot is usually remembering that other people don’t have the same context for things I do. To that end, this was a video I enjoyed that basically covers the topic of “yeah, wrestling is silly but this is why people like it.” Perhaps it will be helpful to others.


Not having read the WWW rules, it was still a useful article to me to explain wrestling from a business and story-telling (advice) standpoint. I understand business. I understand storytelling. Seeing how good business practices and good storytelling techniques can help wrestling and wrestlers (and how poor ones can hurt them) is good to know (whether or not we do WWW). :nerd_face:

I want this move.


So I watch this and this is the chain of thoughts that went through my head:

  • Oh, springboard hurricanrana. Always a nice looking move and Ibushi is freaking amazing, no wonder Bill liked this.
  • What the hell did Ospreay just do?
  • What the hell?
  • What match is this from?
  • [Does some Google searches] This was this morning from Road to Tokyo Dome?
  • Is Bill just using this as a low-key way to nerd out on cool wrestling stuff.
  • [Watches again] What the hell?
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I am insanely curious about this video, but I’m in a family Christmas gathering and can’t watch it yet.