Getaway to Gozo

So I assembled my new desk today (thanks James for the help and I hope you enjoy your new desk) but some complications to my plans with a Vesa mount keep me from finishing everything up quite yet. I can still mostly use my computer, I just do not have anywhere to connect my drawing tablet screen for a little bit until the correct adapter for my primary monitor comes in later this week.

So while I’m waiting for that, I figured I would distract myself with some public brainstorm of a story I’ve bothered @fragolakat and @Dave about for several weeks: what if Jason and Alycia, while on a vacation to get away from super heroics, got pulled into the plot of the Mummy.

Now for a bit of preamble into why I even came up with this idea in the first place. Back in 2019 when I first started planning on turning the Menagerie into Sentinels of the Multiverse cards, I had greatly underestimated two facts:

  • Just how long making these decks takes.
  • Just how many decks I would want to make (current total 52)

So being naïve, I pondered what I would want to do next after I finished converting the Menagerie over to SotM, and that was to convert over another team of heroes I loved from a tabletop superheroes game, the Emerald City Knights from the third-edition Mutants and Masterminds game I ran in 2010 (while there is a canon version of that team from Green Ronin, when I’m talking about that team I mean the heroes my friends I was playing with at the time made up that just used that name because it was built into the adventure). And I figured the best way to bridge this gap was to come up with a scenario where members of one team would meet members from the other. Now at this point, I doubt I’m ever going to get around to that goal, but I really liked the team-up I had thought of: the second-generation heroes of Charade, Jason Quill, and Baz Prophet.

So we know Jason and Alycia pretty well at this point: the children of ambitious science adventurers who seeked to shape their children into their successors. And Basil (Baz for short) is not much different: his dad was an ambitious science adventurer who had adventures that traversed space and time (if Byron Quill is Benton Quest and Achilles Chin is Dr. Zin, Baz’s father is somewhere between John Carter of Mars and Doc Savage). But Alan Prophet didn’t really care about the family life and kept at the adventuring until his untimely death left his son to grow up with his mother in an alternate version of Earth where the core idea is just “what if Greek legends and Gods but modern.” Also, while one could argue that Jason and Alycia are worthy successors to their father’s legacies, Baz is a bit more rock on that front. He’s the Terry McGinnis of his legacy, great at the jock aspects but nowhere close to his father’s brilliance. Alan Prophet figured out how to move between worlds so he could become a champion of them, Baz Prophet can probably hot wire a car.

So with that in mind, let’s talk about the story itself.

Our Cast

Alycia: I see Alycia filling the roll of Rick O’Connell in this story, a bit fed up with everything and ready to shoot first and ask questions maybe. I kind of see this as Alycia being the one who wanted to vacation after everything that happened with joining the team, traveling to the future, and dealing with Doctor Infinity (we’ll come back to this later) but I’m flexible on this.

Jason: Jason is our Evelyn, excited to get back to some proper adventurer. Bill really hit the nail on the head with the characterization I was hoping to go with Jason here, but if anything that just means Jason is nothing if not consistent/predictable.

Baz: I see Baz filling the role of Ardeth Bay/Oded Fehr’s character: the person who knows what’s going on. In fact, to tip this on it’s head, I wonder if perhaps Baz should be responsible for this whole mess (as opposed to Jason/Evelyn in the Mummy). Perhaps he was trying to clean up one of his dad’s old messes and everything got out of hand really quick, necessitating asking Alycia and Jason for help.

So what about other roles?

Jonathan/Evie’s Brother: If we really need someone for this spot, the obvious answer is Amir. Not only is this trip to take time away from everything, but also for Jason and Amir to reconcile. I do, however, think it would be hilarious if Amir is just back at the hotel complaining about the rain/waves/whatever-natural-threat-our-baddie-conjures-up while Alycia, Jason, and Baz are dealing with the adventure. Everything we’ve seen of Amir points to him being completely over all this heroics BS, and this could just reinforce that point. “You guys have an adventure, I’m ordering room service.”

Imhotep: While James gave me a lot of awesome suggestions for this, I kind of love Herakles in this role. For one, he’s awful and Greek mythology’s ultimate idiot jock who could become the villain of any story without changing his characterizing from mythology in the slightest. But secondly, he also sort of fits that “legacy” mold our heroes fill (not that that’s hard to find in Greek mythology) and that sort of parallel might be fun to play with. I just don’t have a lot of ideas for his motivation, but it sounds like @fragolakat had some ideas here.

There are other roles we could fill, but let’s move on because I don’t have any strong opinions and this is brainstorming.

Our Setting

So I picked the island of Gozo for a handful of reasons: it’s a tourist spot with links to Greek mythology and it being an island makes it easy to isolate our heroes for whatever the plot winds up being. But also I’m pretty sure found it by hitting random on Atlas Obscura or something similar a bunch of times until I got something with Greek ties, so it’s not like I’m tied to it. But just look at that beautiful scenery and tell me you don’t want to stage an action movie there. :wink:

Our Plot

So this is where I’m getting tripped up. I know the sort of stuff I want (action scenes, giant tsunamis, Greek monsters) but I don’t have a lot of motivation for antagonist, so I don’t know how to string story along. Luckily, it sounded like James and Dave had some ideas, so hopefully they have something that can help spur this project along.

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