Grail Knights as Protege and Soldier

Ultimately what happens is up to GM and player, but here’s a condensed version of Armiger’s backstory, and other Grail Knight stuff I’ve done so far. Use as-is, retcon, or rewrite to taste.

The Knights are a loosely structured, international paramilitary organization. They have three recognized ranks (Aspirant, Squire, Knight), recognizing that above a certain level, there’s no further need for authority: their “badge” (Excalibur) intrinsically weeds out the unworthy. Their tool of choice is the sword, but they’ll use modern guns, armor, and other tactical gear to get the job done.

A typical teenager in Masks would be an Aspirant or Squire rather than full Knight. Promotion to Knighthood is social, and involves ritualized combat. This would be a key moment for the character, opening up after a successful Moment of Truth or unlocking advances below the line if it hadn’t emerged from the fiction some other way. Armiger got promoted to Squire in a cutscene, so has one trial to go.

Armiger has a potential love interest in the form of Jaycee, but although we’ve written her as someone who’s grown more interested in him, his own feelings are unstated (he asked her out awhile back, clumsily, and her pride still smarts from that, but we haven’t heard from him since). As well, we don’t know anything about his own family, how he got the sword to begin with, or other key details, so there’s a very large map with a lot of blanks to fill in.

The Protege

An obvious power to have is “impossible fighting skills”. It’s too soon to say just what Armiger’s specific focus is (his teleport spam is neat, but not the whole story). There’s a few potential mentors to adopt: Lucius (his teacher as an Aspirant and still a source of information), Skinner (his current trainer), or even a goetic daemon or some other mystic figure. It’s possible that one of the mystics on the HHL has taken an interest - like Tatanka, a figure that Alycia wants respect from.

Mentor’s resources are trickier. The team has a hidden base and communicators (basically), but surveillance equipment, false identities, and security systems might all come from the military side of the Knights.

The Soldier

In terms of what they do on the playbook, the Grail Knights are a direct drop-in for AEGIS with no revision necessary. They’ll give orders, supply equipment, and provide training. “Your superiors” are experienced knights like Skinner, and could be anyone from around the world, but otherwise work the same way.

author: Bill G.

Thanks for this Bill!

While I spend the next couple of days figuring out what the hell I’m going to do next, I’m going to pour through the stories you wrote up for Armiger and make sure I can get into the kid’s head well enough to play him. I’ll try to keep my questions to a minimum (part of getting comfortable playing someone else’s creation in this sort of situation is feeling free to take some amount of ownership over them), but I will ask this because this is always what I think of with Bill characters: does William have a playlist?

author: Mike
url: has the background I wrote plus links to his actual cutscene appearances (which aren’t that many). That’s pretty much the reading list for him.

Take time, and feel free to ask questions, but I’m absolutely and explicitly handing over the reins, without reservation, if you want them. And if you decide a different PC would fit your goals better, you should do that instead. :slight_smile:

Soundtrack: I didn’t have one prepared, but here’s a very rough first cut.

author: Bill G.