Hearts of Wulin: Stars and Wishes

This is thread for

  • Stars - moments in the game you really enjoyed

    • “I really loved when Zemin finally got to slap the abbot.”
    • "The way Peng Lan reacted to Gunglan was chef’s kiss "
  • Wishes - scenes or things (broadly speaking) you’d like to see happen

    • “Zemin would really like a chance to slap the abbot.”
    • “I need some kind of confrontation with Two-handed Zhi, obviously, but I’d really like it out in a forest or something away from the castle…”


  • I loved Bao wanting to fine Lei, looking at the map, realizing she was literally right outside the palace tower, and diving out the window.
  • I loved Zemin basically just flat accusing Bao’s dad, if not Bao himself, of poisoning Aoshi, in front of Lei.
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I generally don’t think these sort of tools because they always feel like putting me on the spot for things and then if the things I mention don’t happen I feel like I was ignored (whether that’s true or not is irrelevant, it’s a completely irrational feeling). I will do my best though.


  • I’ve enjoyed Zemin and Bao’s feud.
  • I liked Sun operating from the shadows and under disguise.
  • I liked the revelation the Su Ning and Kai Ling were rival sorceresses. It was the right level of “out of nowhere” information at the right time. Don’t think these sort of out of nowhere reveals could work too often, but the occasional one keeps things lively.


  • I would like to see more outside the castle.
  • I would like to see Zemin punch the abbot.
  • Is it too much to ask for two people to have a duel on a bridge over a stream?

This is a good idea.