You folk all rock, and I’m grateful for all you have done to make my Monday evenings (and other in-between times) a great time. Beyond some kick-ass RPing (and GMing), many thanks to @garrett for his #rp and his hysterical cartoons, @insomn14 for his amazing artwork, @james for prioritizing this stuff over all the other distractions of college, @Margie for putting up with my writing #cutscene stuff instead of household chores, and @doyce for, well, setting such a great stage for me (and us) to play on.


Thanks for enabling my favorite addiction. Happy Thanksgiving!


Oh, and, thanks for the opportunity to literally live the dream of being Jonny Quest. Damn.


Guess it’s time for another one of these.


And, so inspired (again) by @garrett

  • Thanks to Link, for paving the way as a hero, overcoming his heritage and his mistakes.
  • Thanks to Otto, for always being the gruff hero – here’s to many more stories with you and Mary.
  • Thanks to Pneuma, Numina, Aria, and Summer – you folk helped multiple people become much better humans.
  • Thanks to Adam, for tackling the problems of nigh-absolute power and still being being a great kid.
  • Thanks to Harry, for showing that the kids of heroes have problems, too, and can overcome them, too.
  • Thanks to Charlotte, for being neverfailingly polite, and neverfailingly concerned for others.

I’d start on the NPCs, but I’d be here all day.

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Let me save you a few thousand words?

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What about post holiday?

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(Alycia helps alleviate the feels by lecturing everyone, for the fifteenth time, about British colonists and exploitation of the Native Americans, oh, and isn’t it awful about what they’ve done to turkeys, and … at which point Jason sets her to work setting the table. She’s also unnervingly good at carving the turkey …)

I was feeling bad for Parker, until I realized she wasn’t looking at a photo, she was looking at a live feed …

Ah, well, what the heck.

Thank you.
Just … thank you.
Ah, right. Well, thank you, too.
I haven’t done anything.

and, a bit later.

Are you doing anything for Thanksgiving?
I have monitor duty.
Ah. Letting the Americans off to celebrate with family, since you’re English.
Yes, that’s a fine additional reason.
Wait … who, precisely are you monitoring?
Jason’s running low on potatoes, if you want to pass him some. Also, texting from the table is déclassé.
Ah. Spotted it.
Yes, please don’t wave at the hidden camera, it’s also déclassé. Ah. Well, tell everyone I wave back.

It can be what the viewer wants. For me, it could be a photo that Alycia chose to send to Parker. No text, just the picture, but it carries a message anyway. “I’m with people, I’m doing okay, they’re looking out for me and keeping me stable, you don’t have to worry about me.”

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