If there's a Christmas

Does gift exchange happen? If so, what would people do?

Virens would give…

  • Carabas a medallion, made from the shiniest metal and embedded with the most sparkly crystals, with a word on it. Virens will say the word means “BRAVE”.
  • Rowan Greenhanded a bracelet of carved antler with orcish characters on it. “This names you as friend of the One Fang. It is not easy to be without kin. If you need family, you can find them.”
  • Wrangler Ann a set of leather saddlebags. “The spirit of the predator from which these come will guard your ponies, until it is finally called elsewhere.”
  • Wynn not a gift to keep, but a promise. “Wherever it is appropriate, I will leave markers behind that say: here, an Ohir did their duty in service to the world and its people. I want your name to be remembered well.”


Or, more seriously, assuming a Winter Solstice Gift-Giving Tradition …

  • Virens: A short dagger with a reverse curve, like a cat’s claw, as a tribute to his nigh-Catling martial skills.
  • Rowan: A brightly-colored, quartz-infused stone, rounded from lying in a river bed, as a reminder that beauty can be uncovered by time.
  • Ann: A braided cord of horsehair (from their tails), harkening both to the Fellowship’s mounts, and as something useful for her to have.
  • Wynn: A brightly colored feather, collected some weeks before, as a tribute to their birding expeditions.
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