Incorrect Quotes: Scary Stories Edition

The writing prompt for this special thread is: what kind of scary story can you imagine being told in moments like this? Writers of the forums, start your engines please.

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Joey: The young teen said, “Ah, my parents are away and out of the country for the summer! I shall have peace and sleeping in and much Nintendo time.”

All: Aaaaah!

Joey: Then his aunt said, “Say what? You’ll pull down a job at one of the local fast food places and pull in some money, because I’m not subsidizing your Netflix subscription.”

All: Oooooh!

Kiln: ((What is a Netflix?))\

Mette: ((The vidscreen Scroll-Readers of the Elders.))

Kiln ((Aaaah.))

Joey: And then a message arrived that freed him from any worries about dropping fries at the local Burger King.

All: Aaaah!

Joey: Except it was from his parents, saying he should come and visit them.

All: Ooooh!

Joey: But it involved travel to a foreign country, full of strange sights, intriguing landscapes, and exciting adventure!

All: Aaaaah!

Joey: Until it turned out he’d been turned into a gorilla.

All: …

Rodney: Dude. Kinda pushing the suspension of disbelief here.


This is a happy ending for Nono, not so much for Joey.