Issue 04 - The What Happens in Vegas Affair - Part 4


Las Vegas! Convention! Disappeared scientists!

The Time Seeds couldn’t have teleported anyone very far – they must be in the basement! In sub-basement 5!

Dr Afterthought, in the basement, was kicking around a guard with TK.

It Begins

Benedict, Hope, Kane

We arrive. And are winded. And there is not a door, but a rounded mirror in the doorway.

Benedict - investigate/Science in Fair vs Fair … roll Fair! Looks like a Time Dialation effect … a slight ruddy glow … so time must be going more slowly. And it will seem like a brick wall to us, if we try to get through.

Dr. Afterthought

So … another captive – Sinclair!
Isn’t thrilled about Dr A rescuing others if it delays.

And hands phone to Sinclair to call Benedict.

First cell – see a guy. Vaguely familiar. Help out.
Paul from Tesladyne 2. Very tall.

More vaguely familiar faces in other cells.
Practices presentation.

The Other Three

Benedict gets a call. “Hello, Doctor!”
Secret password?
I’ll cut your funding!
OpSec! Who are you really?

Rule by Fear … Provoke is Good … cutting off funding … canceling fancy tea …
Benedict’s Will is Good. Will get away without consequence … but now worried about funding.

Hand phone to Hope. ring - Director.
Gives a bullshit password on request.
Briefs him on the situation.
Dr Ewing may be able to help.
Sinclair: Bureaucracy (Superb) vs Hope: Deceive ==> Fair.
Mommy & Daddy Don’t Approve ==> Superb+1
Sinclair passes the call to Dr A.
On speaker.
Dr Ewing … B&T has lease on the sub-basement.

Put on speaker phone on the others’ side.

Dr Ewing is trying to explain stuff, adding info on the Time Seeds ==> Fair.
So, one free invoke in Time Seed weird science.

Through the Wall

Kane - does the time dilation effect extend past the doorway? How about through the wall.
Hope - Burglary vs wall ==> Superb … so, hey, Kane, weak point here!
Kane … ==> Good +2 on Hope’s boost ==> Superb!

Inside … some very surprised people!
Big and heavily armed, but confused, except for one person in the corner, going through some things on a phone.
Benedict “Why, Saint-John Kaufman, as I live and breathe!”
Stupid security system didn’t work.
So hard to find good help these days, eh?
What’s not hard to find? Cheap muscle. Get 'em!

Big burly guards charge.

2x2 guys (one guy assisting the other)
Benedict: shoot them in the legs. “I Got Top Marks(man)”
They have a Good. Benedict ==> Fantastic!
So … inflict 3 stress. But they only have two 1-boxes. So … kneecapped them.

Hand off to Kane.

The second pair.
Them ==> Great
Kane Physique ==> Great … +2 ==> Fantastic, but would only chew up their stress.

  • 1 FP ==> Legendary, beating them by 4.

That leaves just Saint-John and Hope. Hand off to Hope.

Don’t let him leave the room! Or, better yet, take the cell phone from him.
Hope (Burglary) ==> Great … SJK (Burglary) ==> Average.

Dr A hears Benedict’s banter. Goes to investigate.

The room is like a store room. Unfinished basement. Folding table. Sci fi equipment. Obvious on-off switch.
SJK Be careful, was told that was dangerous.

BB Who told you.
SJK I have no recollection of …
H How about Dr Bochman?
SJK I have no recollection of …

Hope ball gags him with Goon 3’s dirty socks.

Dr A comes in. Alas, it’s not Dir Sinclair being gagged.

Rip duct tape off SJK’s face.
Dr A … interrogates. SJK stonewalls.
Rapport + Telepathy! vs SJK’s “Talk for Days, Say Nothing” ==> Fair.
Dr A ==> Superb. Succeed with style.

  1. B&T Biotech board wanted to see what the time seeds could do … several months ago. So … let’s kidnap the guy who knows more about this than anyone else. And, while we’re at it, we can do more kidnapping.
  2. Do it in a time field, interrogate, and then send them back with no memory of it.
    But … no real trail to follow. SJK is left hanging.

SJK knows he’s spilled …
You were trying to take advantage of the Power of Time … you should have been worried about the Power of Language.

Director Sinclair wanders in, looking much more relaxed. Need to get back to my room.

BB wants to disable the time widget.
Hope wants to do it over booze.
We have Dr Ewing …
And a free invoke on “Dangers Time Seeds”
Good difficulty.
Dr A uses his Good science ==> Average! Free invoke to Good.

BB … Daniel Altman comes in, looking very sheepish … the Doctor with you, your director, he just showed up in the pit, yelling for help …
Dr A - we’ll fix and put him back into elevator …
BB - and he won’t want to climb the stairs …



Hope works on Dir Sinclair to let us go on more business conferences. Get him drunk enough that he forgets all the bad, and is told about all the good.
And will take him to ALL the magic shows.

Benedict, reading in his hotel room, by himself, smiling.

Dr A gives his presentation to the rescuees.

Kane goes on the magic tour.
Convince Director Sinclair that he’s to be wined and died by a private sector competitor, enjoying the entire thing.

And they are being watched on the security cams, by some mysterious figure.

End of the Issue!