Issue 05 - The Stinking Vamp Affair - Part 1


Significant Milestone - Add the Issue into the Tesladyne COS.
Also, +1 point … each point will rise a 0 to 1, or 2 points rise a 1 to a 2.
Also … Situational Aspect.

It Begins …

Back on COS. Things have fallen back into routine, the status quo ante.

Hope … Sinclair has tasked us with something so … mundane. Writing up office protocols / guidelines / SOPs for convention travel. In 3-ring binders. And everyone will hate us for it, and HR will hate us, too, because they will have to design training courses.

Hope is at the fire department, informing them of buildings they shouldn’t spray with water in case of fire. Benedict is there, too.

The conversation has gone on quite a while. The fire chief’s eyes are glazing over.

Walking back … there’s an overwatch team on us. Benedict goes to a car, to knock on window. As approach, Benedict thinks we’re not what’s being watched. Also, body armor. As well, turns to look at Benedict directly and waves him off.

Then someone tackles him. Fuzzy-faced, fanged, and feral.

Vampires: Good Physique ==> Superb.
Athletics ==> Superb + Manly Arts ==> Epic!
But that never prepped Benedict to fight 7-foot-tall feral bat creature, or his friends.

Hope sees this. Hops in car, and slams into them.
Vampires ==> Superb.
Vehicles ==> Fair. Violence Is A Last Resort ==> Great. Mommy & Daddy Don’t Approve ==> Fantastic.

Guy in van is shouting go, go, go.

Benedict is going to fight. Pulls his gun and starts shooting.
Working in concert ==> Superb!
Combat + Top Marks(man) ==> Epic, beat by 2, they were together, only 2 stress.

Guy in car is now driving away.

Shadowy Conspiracy! The overwatch force has vanished.

Grab a vampire and put in the van.
Drive off, waving to the fire chief.
Drive around a bit – anyone following?
Call ahead to Tesladyne for a cryptozoologist.

Put him on ice!

Kane! They can do cryptozoology.

Dr A - Put him into a chest freezer.

Dr A researches info at Tesladyne about history … Intel ==> Good.

  1. From other vampire dimensions.
  2. Somewhat infectious, super-strong, and don’t have Dracula vulnerabilities.
  3. They do have vital organs and can be killed.

Hope: Identikit the driver. Use Tesladyne Intel (+4). Notice ==> Legendary+, so succeed with style.
They are with Majestic 12 … a field agent. (Like the Laundry, but a DoD department) → Aspect with free invokes!
Benedict has not had contact with them before.
Hope has …?
Kane, yup.
Dr A, nope.

Dr A - find a link between the dead vamp and the thing keeping them in this dimension.
Invention. Dimensional Energy Tracker.
+2 to Notice to track sources of dimensional energy.
Borrowed tech, sno no roll to invent.
Pay for it. == 1 GM Pool FP
Very obvious dish on the van, and very loud as it spins up over five seconds.

The van is painted like the Mystery Machine.

On the Road Again

Kane is driving.
Hope is shotgun.
Benedict is running the system.
Dr A is in the freezer trailer with the dead vampire.

Southwest …
Fantastic difficulty … Notice +2 tracker ==> Epic.
Great, it’s Cheyenne Mountain!

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