Issue 05 - The Stinking Vamp Affair - Part 2

Last Time

Benedict and Hope had gone out to some of the neighbors about Super Science Safety and YOU … why the fire dept shouldn’t spray certain tings with water.

Govt activity … Benedict jumped by a vampire or three. Handled easily with the van and Hope.

Majestic-12 slipped away.

Tracked down the vampire incursion … and led us directly to … Cheyenne Mountain.

Kane is driving.
Hope is shotgun.
Benedict is monitoring …
Dr A is in the trailer with the fridged vampire.

And So It Begins

We’re inside a long, multi-seated golf cart, on the tour of Cheyenne Mountain.

The four of us, and six others.

Dr Afterthought … how did we secure the vampire. Previous facts on file … keep the vampire restrained? Definitions of force they can exert. Locked in the freezer.

Hope: Precautions against M-12?
Haven’t encountered in them in her previous career, but have background info.

Kane: Biggest threat by M-12?
The Mutually Assured Destruction Dimension?

Benedict: We’re going to get off the tour bus.
Slip out of the restrooms into the air ducts.

Stop at the War Games observation windows.
Bathrooms. Massive air ducts. Also, hard outer shell of security, but squishy middle.
Benedict spends a FP to make that so.

Tour Guide is better than average Difficulty 1, FP ==> 3
Hope ==> 4
Kane ==> 3
Benedict ==> 1 (Hope helps)
Dr A ==> -3, reroll ==> -1

Hope - Second Story Woman, but decides to save the FP.

Hope gets out and through, all is great.
Kane follows out, no problems.
Benedict comes out. A dirty mess, giant pile of spider webs and dust. Covered in filth.

But where’s Dr A?

Dr A - spatial awareness, rattling in ducts, missed a turn? Light at end of tunnel.
It’s a squad of men in military uniforms, looking straight at him.
“Hey, is that that Tesladyne scientist?” “Yeah, the weird one.”
Hands up.
“This is Team 2 to base … managed to capture one of the Tdyne scientists. They came right into our meeting.”
“What’s the significance of the ‘12’?”
“Get moving!”
The rest see Dr A being led away by a dozen M-12 soldiers.

Hope casing the joint, via ductwork …
Guard ==> 1 … Hope ==> 4
Follow to their gathering point … 8, with higher commander. Suit and tie, plus kevlar flak jacket.
“Bring him over here for questioning.”
We get an “M-12 Setup” with a FP.

Kane and Benedict … have a direction from triangulation from the outside … so try to get there without being obvious.
But Cheyenne Mountain Complex is a confusing maze of tunnels and corridors.

Confusing Maze of Tunnels and Corridors … untrustworthy info … ==> 5
Kane assists, Benedict +1 ==> 6! Fantastic!

Dr A … sit in a chair … interrogation, deep piercing look. “Dr Cornell Afterthought?” “Yes sir.” “A pleasure. Heard about your paper on linguistic theory in Vegas … very impressive.” … niceties.
Neuro-Electric Tesliana ==> 3
There is clearly info they don’t know … the interrogation is more to inform them than learn about him.

“Did you have anything to do with turning on the dimensional device?”
Dr A - “That rhymes with vampire on ice.”
“Please tell me what you know about our dimensional gateway.”
“It’s turned on, and there’s vampires.”
Smile. “Ah. You’re only partially right.”

Kane and Benedict come across … a room that will lead to the only place where the dimensional signature came from.
Peek through the door.

  1. A gigantic metal ring with all sorts of cables. EVIL.
  2. Turned off. All sorts of deliberately disconnected cables on the floor.

Dot matrix printer with tractor feed … read-out of status/activities. Access to different dimensional coordinates (5-coord system) log, throughout the early 60s. Last activation is in 1964.
However …
Last item …
… last week, “remote activation” then powered off … which should have pulled everything into its origin direction.

The interrogator is confirming that. And wants Dr A to explain.
“Except I’m detained.”
“Figured it was your group.”
“I can survey the site.”
“Yeah, don’t want you to let you get your hands on it.”
“You just asked me for help.”
“We’ll see. Take him to the brig. We’ll speak 140 hours ago.”
Dr A tries to read him, but, nah, Epic.
And was he trying to root around in Dr A’s brain like vice-versa?
Complex corridors …

4-way stop of dogged doors …
Dr A psychokinesis! Creating an aspect of a barrier. ==> 2
Guards ==> 1 … Tactical maneuvers
Spending 2 FP … grabbing a walky-talky …
Hope could anticipate what Dr A is doing … Athletics vs Good ==> 7!
So if Dr A stole a walky-talky, Hope swipes an ID batch.

Hope can track the others. Head that way, nabbing disguise along the way.

Kane and Benedict …
What to do about the portal?


FPs all around.
B - Disassemble!
K - Person of the world
H - Sneaky
A - Unknown Science!

First Effect
Roll simultaneously …
B - Combat 4 + 2 = 6 style!
K - Notice 2
H - Deceive 4
A - Science 2
Tie, beating good, … FP … demolition. With lint. It fails because THERE ARE FORCES HOLDING THE DOOR OPEN.

Round 2
B - Notice 5
K - Deceive 4
H - Burglary 5
A - Will 10 - Style!
Rapport with what’s holding it open without falling into its power. VAMPIRES ARE A MINION RECRUITING DRIVE.

Round 3
B - History 6
K - Contacts 3
H - Notice 5
A - Will 10
Learning more … determining the orders but not obeying them …
A - Get a FP, and a Mild Consequence. Feel very seen. The Abyss gazed back. WORKING WITH A HUMAN RESEARCHER IN THE COMPLEX.

B +2 - 1
K +0 - 2
H +0 - 2
A +3 - 2
There is a researcher in question here working on distrubuted surveillance, drones; a force on the other side is joining with him to instead make vampires a full-time thing for surv. … VAMPIRE SKYNET.

So now the hell what?!

Now the hell the vampires show up.

Minor milestone

Get FP back!
Maybe time to fill out those Stunts.

Question for @fragolakat, I believe you had said that you were not going to available for a game next week as you were travelling back to school. Is that correct? If so, we’ll skip next Thursday (the 20th) and plan for a game on the following Thursday (the 27th).

Yeah, that’ll be my first full day back plus classes so I’ll definitely be dark. But after that should be smooth sailing for my part.