Issue 05 - The Stinking Vamp Affair - Part 3

Where are we?

We have a portal that is dead.

Where is the live one?

A bunch of vampires! Flashing into the room due to Vampire Skynet! Filling it up!

Vampire stunt: “Too Many of Them” ==> Superb! (5)

Benedict - Because My Heart Is Pure! ==> Fantastic (6)
Kane - Bring 'em on! ==> Legendary+1 (9)
Dr A - Kinetic Shield + Push Me Push Back ==> Fantastic (6)
Hope - Athletics ==> Superb (5) … will let stand.

Hope looks for surveillance cameras ==> Good (3) + 2nd Story Woman ==> Superb (5) … yes! cameras. Which mean we are continuously at risk. Back up into the ducts?

Benedict shoots a fire extinguisher … advantage! distracting fog! ==> Epic (7) with style. The vampires are distracted by the hissing sound, right away from us. “Kind of Dumb and Single-Minded”

Athletics to the ducts
Hope ==> Good (3)
Dr A ==> Terrible (-2)
Benedict ==> Superb (5)
Kane ==> Epic (7) … helps Dr A up via yeeting.

Who is watching the cameras? Where from?
Hope is tracking that down based. Going thru duct work. Still filthy.
Hope has to reorient through grating, etc.
Get to where 99% certain Base Security is.

Duct work continues into the room … behind the fan. (noisy or involved). Or a door (highly secure).

Dr A - Psychokinesis - stop the blade from spinning ==> Epic! (7)
From above, peek in … bank of screens with one person.

Hope - Stealth down and incapacitate … vs Great ==> Fantastic! (6)

Guard had same badge as M12 personnel, standard base uniform.

We have control of security!

Vampire room is there – no vampires! And not visible on cameras.

Benedict watching the cameras.

Dr A Camera feeds … Science … ==> Good! + They’re Tracking You Via the Cameras ==> Superb (5). There is a feed going elsewhere in the building.

Loop/mess with video to hide where we are but mislead where we aren’t.

Dr A computer science ==> Superb (5) + Useful for Narrow Definitions of Useful ==> Epic! (7)

Benedict … any patterns? Base is on high alert, in upper areas. The coordinator is someone Hope / Dr A identify as Agent Lowe, the person leading the M12 group. Down here … fewer people than would have expected.
Empathy – vs. Fair. ==> M12 involve, Not So Secret, Duty! ==> Great! (4)
Dude is a weirdo … not megalomaniac, just … off. Following his duty. A kindred spirit, sort of.

  • High: Weirdo Investator
  • Omega: Stay Alert, Trust No One

Clip Boards! Cabling inspectors!
Group Deception
Hope ==> Fantastic
Kane ==> Great
Benedict ==> Average (clean off filth first) (redirect the clipboard)
Dr A ==? Fair

Trace cable to a conference room.

Hope Notices at the door ==> Superb (vs Vampire Horde Stealth of Fair)
A least a dozen.

Hope says to open the door, throw something in, make a loud noise, get their attention, get the jump on them / notice what’s inside / split up!

Deceive ==> Superb! (vs. Terrible!) - succeed with style.

Hand off to Benedict
Inside the room - Benedict Notice ==> Superb! (vs Fair)

  1. Shittonne of vampires.
  2. A large conference table.
  3. Someone in fatigues sitting at the table, at a laptop, looking confused. (Cameron Tyson: Transdimensional Tesliana)

Hand off to Dr A

Borrowed Knowledge … why is he not getting attacked?
vs Good ==> They know the vampires, they smell like the vampires. +FP - He’s a Vampire Dimension Survivor … Saw Too Much Beyond the Veil … scientists restarting the project, creating a safer gate, went badly, two years later he came out … “a Vampire Quisling.”

Hand off to Cameron
Exasperated sigh, closes laptop, snaps fingers to get the vampires’ attention back on us. Overcome “Distracted” aspect.

Transdimensional Tesliana ==> Good … a few have turned back.

Hand off to Vampires.

They barrel forward.
Benedict is compelled to get in front of Hope.
Big beefy bois.
Vampires ==> Great 4 + Endless Vampires + Vampire Skynet ==> Legendary 8
Because My Heart Is Pure ==> Epic 7 + Manly Arts ==> Legendary+1 9

Hand off to Kane

Rush in and whomp the guy.
New stunt “Cavalry’s Come: Move an additional zone as part of action”!
Leaps over the table

Cameron ==> Superb
Kane ==> Average + Friends In High Places + Not Past My Prime + Retired Gentlefolk Adventurer ==> Epic (7)

Difference of 2 … Stress!

A cliffhanger to stop

Next time … Kane decides whether to go again or to whom to hand off!

Wow, that’s a truly terrible power point slide!

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