Issue 05 - The Stinking Vamp Affair - Part 4



One more chance.

Vampire Skynet – being run out of a conference room in Cheyenne Mountain.
Dude in a military uniform, distant look, laptop. Cameron. Survivor in the Vampire Dimension.

Everyone has a plan … Kane can pick anyone to go next.


Handoff to Doctor Afterthought!

  1. The vamps aren’t attacking him.
  2. He’s putting off vampire vibes.

Dr A wants to mimic his body language and presentation … distract them?
Creating an advantage – “When addressing a large group of people …”
Vampire Horde ==> Mediocre +2 Abyss + GM pool ==> Great!
Dr A ==> Fantastic! Aspect: One with the Vampires (free invoke)

Handoff to Hope

… who wants to nab the laptop.
Move into conference room.
Hi-tech grappling hook doohickey to snag the laptop. New stunt!
“You didn’t see that.” Burglary
Cameron ==> Good
Hope Burglary A==> Legendary+2 !!!
Aspect: Stolen Equipment (2 invokes)
Even Dr A is impressed.

Handoff to Kane

Tyson ==> Superb
Kane ==> Great + Distracted Vampire + Friends in High Places + Not Past My Prime ==> 9 …
… beats by 5

Headlock, choking out.
2 box was filled … took out 3 physical box with 2 Mild consequences … Rattled!

Handoff to Benedict

Step in.
Bang bang bang
Cameron is Rattled
Cameron tries to get Kane positioned between … ==> Superb.
Benedict - I got top marks(man) … ==> Fantastic (+3)
Dr A spends on Distracted Vampires (+5)
Hope demoralizes him with her Why Science When You Can Steal (+7)
Hand has a hole in it … Oh, dear … blood. Faints. Out of the fight.

Hand off to the Horde.

We will eat you! to Hope. ==> Legendary
Disappear out of reach.

Athletics ==> Superb …
… 3-box of stress.

Vampires hand off to selves.

So attacking Benedict! ==> Fair
Because My Heart Is Pure ==> Legendary! (+6)
Boost – 4!

Hand off to Hope.

Laptop is not locked.
Very oblique, no security system, no UI.
Looking for notes of how to work this thing. Great difficulty.

Hope Notice ==> 4
Invokes the laptop …
… vamps vanish!
She goes and get some water.



Stress goes away.
Benedict and Dr A both have invokes waiting around … FP!

Hope waves at the camera.
Dr A has a walkie-talkie.

Hope has the vampire-summoning laptop.
No, don’t use it!

Hope - wants M12 to take care of their shit.
Dr A - hand Cameron Tyson over to them. We keep the laptop.

Benedict gets handed the talking stick.

For some mysterious reason.

A Bicentennial Moment about using history.
We have Majestic 12 involvement history.
(also, 'Allo-'Allo)
Yeah. Lowe is defending with Empathy. ==> Good
Benedict HISTORY! ==> Fantastic!!!

We’ll be about our way, then …

Lowe ==> Superb
Benedict ==> Average + Majestic 12 Is Involved – 3 FP ==> Epic

Motor Pool area.
No guns, just a lot of glares.

All learned our lessons.
Tyson had a vendetta against Blue. [which is why he went after Benedict and Hope at the beginning] … ranting to a coworker that offbase apartments … British comedies really loud, talking to people on the phones … turned out to be you.

Well, then.



+1 point to upgrade skills
1 - focus a trained skill
2 - specialize a focused skill
3 - specialize a trained skill

3rd experience box (experiential aspects) … if have checked 3 by the end of a session, then can be a
Major Milestone!

  1. Another skill point!
  2. Swap two modes! (if desired)


Wow that’s still a truly terrible power point slide!