Issue 06 - The Big Boom Affair - Part 1

A Peaceful Beginning

Everything is more or less normal back at Tesladyne. Unofficially got a scrubbed thanks from a government servant. Obviously Majestic-13.

But the Director is very, very proud of it.

We investigate the plaque carefully.

A few weeks of inventory (yay!) and monotony.

Director Sinclair has a new assignment from the Home Office. Because of our experience with Odic Entities … we will be overseeing construction of a … Zorth Directional Tower.
To control Ley Lines.

Odic Ley Lines.

Off to … Kansas!

Off to Lindborg, Kansas, an hour north of Wichita, about 20 miles south of Salina / I-70. Construction site.

Old stone castle, Coronado Heights Castle, where supposedly Coronado abandoned his quest for El Dorado.

Occasional college students from Bethany College stop by to marvel at the construction.

How do we pass the time?

Benedict - Obsessing over the castle. That myth of Coronado and a castle he built (?!) must be a fake.
County records.

Wait, a WPA project? Damn, surely some hidden history! What are they covering up?
Perhaps connected, underground, with the Hoglund Dugout! Or the Stonehouse! We need deep ground-penetrating radar …

Dr. A - language courses? Classic literature places? Bethany College. Biological sciences.

(Actually a photo from Bethany College!)

Hope is visiting all the local clubs and neighborhood functions. Hanging at the Local Gym (to bump up Physique). Matinee of a local play group.

Kane - community library. Reading … all the books.

Lowering the Boom!

The foreman is explaining to Hope that they need to change some angles due to the slope and the curvature of the Earth … need to consult the scientists. But then she notes the workers are starting to get woozy … and then she starts feeling woozy.

Everyone rolls Physique.

Dr A is the first to recover. He touts the free coffee.
The taste of dust.

Oh, hey, the crane that was being used for the construction is listing and in a slow spin, and seems to have knocked over part of the tower.

And there are people under the tower.
Leaps onto something high – exhorts them to clear the area!
But they’re unconscious … head that way.
==> Mediocre. Still overcome, but inner ear damage.
Patting them out of it.

Kane and Hope come to. Splitting headache.

Kane … go join Dr A, getting folk moving, including bodily moving them. There are people trapped under parts of the tower.
Physique vs 2 Fair ==> 1 Average. Yeet! 3!

Hope … the crane? Looks like the operator is passed out, leaning forward on the controls. Get to driver seat?
Athletics +1 vs 4 Great ==> 7 Epic. Style! Grapple plus exploiting the movement of the turning crane. Looks beyond easy.

Benedict. Dazed. Head hurts. Only slumped onto the bench.
What about looking elsewhere?
Notice vs 3 Good. ==> 6 Fantastic!
Not a lot of traffic on the outskirts of Lindsborg … a truck in a ditch … in the distance, something burning. So … widespread.
Call 911
How big does it go?
Reaching Out of Contacts … on a Phone …
Contacts + Old School Ties + Notice boost vs 4 Great ==>
0 Mediocre … reroll from Notice boost.
4 Great … tie! Boost instead, invokable once. Picture of the affected area. Best guess … several miles of distance. Need some Science to tell the center point.

So the folk here are mildly wounded – first aid can help, some sprains, things like that.

Locally hired crew. Everyone’s panicky and chaotic. Call family!
Hope wrangles them. Everything’s okay. Secure the site. Maybe … an OSHA report. Centering them.
Deceive vs 2 Fair ==> 2 Fair! So get them wrangled, but she has to supervise them.

Dr A, Kane, Benedict

Benedict – triangulate. Time to get together and determine to a certain level of confidence. Bar-and-a-half of data.

Kane – Calls the director. Get an expert?
Indra Galladi from CERN … out to keep our adventure on the Amazo from recurring.
Hey, remember how nice it was to get a plaque of recognition? This will stop that from happening again.
We need a specialist - Great skill - burning a Tesladyne COS resource points.

Dr A – Put into words what happened.
Science vs 4 Great ==> 4 Great. + Neurolinguistics ==> 6 Fantastic!

Might require a CAT scan to determine, but pretty certain brain has been damaged throughout. High frequency, low pressure burst in the area that would have affected everyone. Fascinating … and time to go to the hospital.
The rented mini-van! Updates the rest of the team.


Off to the Hospital

Hospital – is jammed.
We probably need to take control.

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